Mix these 3 things in buttermilk and drink for constipation

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Constipation is characterized by obstruction of stool and gas. Hard and difficult bowel movement is called constipation. It is a disease that is rarely given enough attention. Constipation is the root cause of most diseases. The poison of faeces that fills the intestines gets mixed in the body and blood and gives rise to many serious diseases.

Mix these 3 things in buttermilk and drink for constipation

You have gas, your stomach is full, you cannot go to the toilet properly, or you have to go to the toilet often, or you have to go to the toilet once or twice a day, or you have hard stools. In such a situation we should take care of buttermilk because buttermilk has excellent digestive properties.

Buttermilk digests your food and cleans your bowels well. But when this kind of frozen faeces are drying in the intestines, consume buttermilk mixed with three things, the dry stools in your intestines will come out quickly and you will feel complete relief.

For this first of all we have to take pure radish buttermilk, not sour buttermilk at all. Then you have to add cumin seeds, little Sindhav salt and ajma or ajma powder to the radish buttermilk.

Try cumin, sindhav salt and ajma or ajma powder, add these three to buttermilk and mix it well and by consuming this buttermilk, the faeces in your intestines become dry, faeces collect, accumulate, your stomach is not cleansed, this buttermilk After drinking it will slowly come out.

This buttermilk will give you relief from gas problem, if you have digestive problem, lack of appetite, feeling full then cumin will give you relief from it.

Sindhav will give you relief in minor or major stomach ailments. So when we consume this buttermilk, cumin and sindhav together, our body gets certain benefits. By drinking this buttermilk, your food will be digested quickly and the stomach will become very light.

Diet should include nutritious and fiber rich foods. Drink enough water. Mental stress should be removed and a happy mind should be kept. Light exercise, fruits, green vegetables, leafy vegetables should be consumed more. Drink milk in the morning and evening. Take buttermilk after meals. Eat at regular times. Food should be chewed. The meeting should be scheduled in the morning. Enemas and excessive laxatives should not be used. Food should be light, light and nutritious. If constipation persists, treatment should be initiated after consulting a specialist physician. Ayurvedic herbs like Isabgul, Harde, Triphalachurn, Shivchurn etc. are beneficial if taken as per Vedic advice.

If you don't eat regularly, the bowel becomes empty and contracted and mistakenly irritates gas and dry stools, so it is beneficial to consume substances that help eliminate loose and dry stools. Magna dal, spinach, rice, parwal, fenugreek bhaji, lemon sorbet, radish buttermilk, fresh fruits etc. are beneficial. Some people believe that diarrhea is cured only by drinking tobacco cigarettes, bidi, tea, etc., but such unnecessary addictions cause harm in the future. Hence it is imperative to stay away from such addictions.

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If you also have any problem related to stomach like constipation, indigestion, flatulence etc. then mixing these three things in buttermilk and drinking it is definitely beneficial. We hope you like this information.

Note: This article is for general information, doctor should be consulted before taking any remedy.

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