Hot dry wet clothes in rain in 10 minutes ?

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Monsoon season has arrived and rains have started in many states of India. The biggest fear is getting clothes wet in the rain. A sudden downpour is bound to get wet. In such cases the clothes get wet and take a long time to dry.

Hot dry wet clothes in rain in 10 minutes ?

Even the dryer in the washing machine does not dry quickly enough. But today we are going to tell you about a portable dryer that will dry your wet clothes in 15 minutes.

Countertop Dryer

The portable appliance, called the Morus Zero, claims to be the 'world's first countertop tumble dryer equipped with vacuum + dehydration technology'. In other words, it has the ability to dry clothes very quickly. That means the clothes will be clean in 15 minutes. Also it saves up to 40 percent energy in this process. Combine this with a portable washing machine and even apartment renters can have the in-unit laundry of their dreams.

Water will dry quickly

The small dryer achieves its efficiency by using a process that combines heat and reduced air pressure inside to dry water quickly.

Morus Zero has already raised 10 times its goal on Kickstarter. The unit starts at $479.99 (roughly Rs. 40,000) for pre-order.

Morus Zero Product Details

● Cut Drying Time Down to 15Min

Morus Zero is about 60% faster than conventional dryers using our patented technology. Laundry drying is now as free as you want.

● Easy Carry, Easy Set Up

Unlock a convenient drying solution at home. Just plug in and use. The compact size and sleek design blends seamlessly into your space.

● Fit Your Apartment, House Room or RV

Weighing only 28.7 lbs, Morus Zero's space-saving & install-free design fits into your lifestyle easily & beautifully. Just plug it in and go!

● Kill 99.99% of Bacteria & Mites

Built-in UV sterilization reduces allergens and removes the stink, making your everyday fresh and clean.

● Smart, Automatic & Trouble-free

AI-driven sensor system with fabric protection eliminates tedious set-up, treats different garments with dedicated modes, and makes it easy as cake.

● Say Goodbye to Overdry

The built-in smart sensor system automatically calculates the drying time and precisely stops in time to avoid over and under-drying.

Morus Zero Machine : Click Here

WASH SFF1001CSA Clothing Care: Click Here

NOTE : ये टेक्नोलॉजी अभी भारत में नहीं है लेकिन जल्दी ही भारत में आ सकती है अभी महंगी है लेकिन भारत के अनुसार सस्ते जल्दी ही लॉन्च हो सकती है. 

● Inclusive Care for Your Daily Wearing

With powerful BLDC motor control and airflow that hits 43.5 MPH, Morus Zero conducts a stronger wrinkle reduction effect and delivers soft and comfy results you can feel.

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