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Hello friends, everyone gets mentally tired from their work and goes towards despair, today we have brought a puzzle for such people so that your mind will be refreshed and your intelligence will also be sharpened.

What is the solution to the puzzle mentioned above? Do all the calculations in your own way and rub your brain then a link like given below is posted with calculations which will be very useful for you.

Stay connected with us for another puzzle like this if you have calculated with 100% honesty don't miss to write your answer in comment

With puzzles, riddles and brain teasers all in one place, this game is one's best time-passer. It has over 500 puzzles and riddles in over 6 genres, all in one place! Give your brain some work. Give him some puzzles and riddles to solve. Share a puzzle or your progress with your friend. You can even challenge your friend to answer a specific question or a perfect style.! In addition, the flexibility of an app's layout using Material Design paves the way for it to flow more fluidly across different screen sizes.

Enjoy the game on your phone, tablet and even your TV! Go ahead, hit the install button now!

              સાચો જવાબ ગણતરી સાથે : Click here    

This puzzle game will test your brain and tease your mind with crazy riddles and puzzles. You will think outside the box and find clever solutions. The answers to the puzzles will blow your mind and amaze you! Players will increase their IQ and brainpower as they solve various riddles and puzzles. This puzzle game is not easy and you will find many difficult puzzles.

This mind game offers a great user experience with artistic and funny graphics and animations. You will play a variety of best puzzle games where you can solve problems like who is the mother, who is cheating and who is the lover. You will solve crimes, uncover hidden secrets and solve complex puzzles by finding clues.

Best Puzzle Game App : Click here

This free puzzle game can be played anywhere and anytime. Puzzles and puzzles can be solved comfortably with one hand and you can enjoy the game without pushing yourself too much. No reflex testing or phone shaking required to complete logic game levels. You can relax and enjoy solving our funny tricky puzzles for a funny brainwash. Stupid test, stupid test or dumb test, they are all in this brain game.

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