Now Idli ATM has come in the market will give hot idli in 55 seconds

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You will find food and drink lovers in every street in our country. That is why you will find food shops and trucks everywhere in our country. You can find food from all over the world in one place. At that time, many videos related to food and drink are going viral on the internet, but seeing the video which is going viral now, not only the common man but also the businessman Anand Mahindra have been confused.

Now Idli ATM has come in the market will give hot idli in 55 seconds

Now hot and fresh idli to eat 24 hours, ATM idli machine launched at this place, seeing the technology will not make your mind work, watch the video.

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You may have seen money coming out of the ATM but now the ATM will also come out with idlis. Because a startup in Bangalore has launched Idli Bot or Idli ATM. With this facility, people living in Bangalore will be able to enjoy fresh idlis 24 hours a day. Actually idli is a popular food found in South India. However, due to the popularity of South Indian food, Idli Sambhar and Masala Dosa are also available in other parts of the country and people enjoy these dishes with great enthusiasm.

This idli machine serves piping hot idli in just 55 seconds. Not only this, this machine, which makes fresh and healthy idlis, packs them after preparing your order right in front of you. That is, in less than 1 minute, you can pack and eat idlis with this machine.

Businessman Anand Mahindra has shared a video of this machine. A startup company called Fresh Hot has created an ATM for this idli in Bangalore. You can place your order by scanning the menu at this machine. You can add any desired flavor or chutney with the idli. Payment is also done from your phone. This fully automatic idli ATM can order up to 27 idlis at a time.

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Anand Mahindra has also written a caption with this video. He wrote that many people have tried to prepare robotic food or invent vending machines. I hope that the safety standards of FSSAI are taken care of in this machine and there is a system to keep the raw material fresh for making idli properly. Tell the people of Bangalore how is the test? I would be happy to have it in malls or airports around the world. This would be a huge cultural export.

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