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 It isn't possible to estimate how a week passed after the launch of Navlan Norathan. As the days go by, the enthusiasm among the players is adding . Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot have numerous groups that have been playing together for times. Talking to this group, Divya Bhaskar is running a series called' Navratri Group of the Day'. 


Old Graba Video Collection

 Rajkot,000 players bat around in Club UV every day 

 The people of Rajkot are enjoying the jubilee of Navratri which started after two times. That is when Rajkot Divya Bhaskar's platoon reached the club UV Rasotsav organized only for the bitter Patidar community near Kataria Chowk on the megacity's new 150- bottom ring road. further than,000 huntsmen were present then and were seen chanting garbani rumzat along with family and cousins. In this Rasotsav, huntsmen are madly celebrating Nortani by playing garba with great gaiety accompanied by the melodious voice of well- known songster Mayur Buddhadev. 

 A unique security system for girls 

 Tanvi Butani, a member of the group, said that after two times of Corona, Navratri has been organized, people are veritably agitated. There are 100 players in our group. We also come then to play garba. As the days of Navratri pass by, one may feel tired, but as soon as one enters the field, hearing the music of garba, one's bases are forced to spin with garba. Especially the safety then's veritably good. At the time of coming to the ground, the pass has to be scrutinized by surveying the barcode to enter and also scrutinized at the time of exit, so that the in- out communication is transferred directly to the parent's mobile phone. maybe there's no similar installation anywhere. 

' We've been playing Garba in Club UV for 12 times' 

 Another member of the group, Divyesh Manwar, said that we've been coming then to play together for the once 12 times. Club UV Rasotsav has been organized by community leaders for the bitter Patidar community in Rajkot for the once several times. People couldn't play Garba for two times due to Corona, but this time people are showing enthusiasm after getting authorization and they're saying that the number of players has increased at Club UV this time as compared to last time and further than,000 players performed Garba then on Navratri every day. Coming with family to celebrate. 

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 Players are played accretive garba 

At Club UV Rasotsav, first Mataji's Aarti is performed, followed by Garba. In it, players first play four step, also six step, also teetodo, tapo, daklan and eventually freestyle garba. Eventually, the Vande Mataram step i.e. the favorite step of every player of Rajkot is played in the color of nationalism. 


 Surat RCJ Group's hustle, unique dresses, way and style came the center of magnet 

 A different kind of enthusiasm and enthusiasm is being seen among sportspersons this time regarding Navratri. RCJ Garba Group tutoring Garba in Surat for 24 times is creating a buzz in Sarasana Navratri. Coming up with unique prints, unique dress law, commodity fully different. 

 A group of 350 members, Garba of 56 way 

 Navratri held in Sarsana and that too when Aishwarya Majumdar rouses the players with her voice, the players automatically get agitated. Surat's RCJ Group is coming up with a unique performance with Aishwarya's voice. Trishna Bilimoria, who runs the RCJ Group, said that huntsmen have been tutored Garba for the once 24 times in Surat. Every time new way and unique styles are tutored to players. This time we've a group of 350 members and all are performing with energy on Sarsana Navratri. This time our group players have been tutored Garba of 56 way of Action, Expression, Single Salsa. And consequently, they're making curry noise in Sarsana's Navratri. 

 Black dress, black spectacles and Aishwarya Majumdar's songs rocking out loud. 

 A special dress has been decided for all members of RCJ Group. All the players have been told to play with a black dress law, with the players wearing a veritably unique black dress law in their own way and singing garba. A black dress, black spectacles and Aishwarya is rocking Majmudar's songs. Some of the players are performing with full energy by wearing a dress with lighting on the whole body along with the black dress, due to which this group is getting a center of magnet not only with the style of playing, but also with its dress law.

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