Exercise by cycling and eat fresh flour Video

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Jugaad is found in our Indian body from birth. We do many things with the strength of this jugad. One such Jugadu machine video is going viral on social media these days. In this video, a woman is seen exercising on a gym cycle. The special thing about this gym cycle is that with its help you can not only exercise but also grind your home wheat.

Exercise by cycling and eat fresh flour Video

Do Jugaad sitting at home every day, exercise with bicycle and eat fresh flower, watch the video

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This cycle offers two benefits

This unique cycle has a dough mill type setup. When you pedal the bicycle, the belt attached to it makes the wheat flour through the machine. There is a kind of pitcher for adding wheat to this wheel. After adding the wheat, the flour comes out from the bottom.

The IAS officer appreciated

Even IANS officer Avnish Sharan has liked this unique bicycle. He also shared a video of it on his Twitter account. Sharing the video, he captioned it 'Awesome find', work out and exercise too.

This unique cycle of gym and lot bell is going viral on social media. His video is also becoming very viral. So far more than seven lakh thirty thousand people have seen it. It explains the benefits of this unique bicycle and says that it is a work item for stay-at-home women. Women cannot go to the gym because they are busy at home. In such a situation, he can exercise on this chakra. Apart from this, fresh wheat flour can also be consumed daily. Anyone can easily make this bicycle at home.

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Practice is that action which keeps the body solid and furthermore improves the general wellbeing of the individual. It is finished for the overwhelming majority various reasons, including to reinforce muscles, to reinforce the cardiovascular framework, to increment athletic ability, to get more fit, or basically for delight. Predictable and customary actual activity supports the safe framework and lessens drowsiness, keeps us from getting up in the first part of the day, forestalls illnesses of success like coronary illness, vein sickness, type 2 diabetes and weight. It works on emotional wellness and forestalls pressure. Youth weight is a developing worldwide concern and actual activity might assist with lessening the impacts of young life corpulence.

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