The Veluwemeer Aqueduct Unique Water Bridge

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The Veluwemeer Aqueduct, which was completed in 2002 and opened to the public, is a marvel of modern design and engineering. Engineers chose a different approach than the common solution: a water bridge to allow vehicle and waterborne traffic to travel underwater!

The Veluwemeer Aqueduct Unique Water Bridge

DRIVING DOWN THE N302 HIGHWAY near the Dutch city of Harderwijk, your car will pass under an orange bridge, which appears to be intended for cars or trains. But this is no ordinary bridge: instead of containing a paved road or train tracks, the passageway actually holds a 10-foot-deep canal that allows boats to cross over the highway.

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Located over the N302 road, the aqueduct forms part of a lake of the same name. The road itself is interesting in and of itself, connecting mainland Netherlands to Flevoland - the largest artificial island in the world.

Three artificial lakes surround Flevoland, which was built on reclaimed land in the area. Flevoland covers an area of 374.5 sq miles (970 sq. km) and is divided into the drained sections, Flevopolder and Noordoostpolder. With around 28,000 cars passing through each day, engineers decided to build the canal above the N302 highway during the planning process.

It is workable for little boats and other watercraft with a shallow draft to cross the Veluwemeer Aqueduct, which is simply 9.83 feet (3 m) profound. On the two roadsides, there are person on foot walkways that permit people on foot to go across the street as well as boats. Cyclists likewise have committed bicycle paths out and about itself.

Instead of drawbridges or other thruway developments, the water span configuration considers ceaseless traffic stream over both the street and across the reservoir conduit. There are a progression of built obstructions to keep the greater part of the N302 street above water; notwithstanding, the N302 reservoir conduit's short 55.7-foot (17-meter) range dives into the lake.

The N302 crosses the lake again on a more commonplace extension structure roughly 1,3212 feet (400 m) northwest of the water system. For quite a long time, the lakes were utilized to oversee water levels and the profundities of nearby groundwater wells in the encompassing district. The lakes are likewise important natural surroundings for untamed life (especially waterbirds), as well as amusement destinations for nearby occupants.

Veluwemeer Aqueduct Video: Click Here

The Veluwemeer Aqueduct was fabricated utilizing 776,922 cubic ft (22,000 cubic m) of cement, and steel sheet heaping to both hold the heaviness of the water over the street and keep residue from draining onto the street.

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During the arranging stage for the undertaking, drawbridges, ships, and passages were considered as reasonable answers for permitting the street to cross the lake completely. Be that as it may, these were ruled against, and the clever methodology of building a short water channel over the street was chosen.

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