Amazing view of cloudburst caught on camera

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Monsoon season has started. Nature often shows its ferocious form in this season. Recently, many such videos are being seen on the Internet, seeing which any person's heart rate increases. Videos of cloud bursting between the mountains often go viral. A few days ago, there were cases of cloud bursting in many places in Himachal Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir. Due to which many families became homeless. Once again the video of cloud bursting is going viral on social media, everyone is surprised to see it.

Amazing view of cloudburst caught on camera

This video is from South Australia. The name of the lake on which water is pouring like a waterfall in the video is Lake Millstatt. In fact, this video is from the year 2018, which was posted by a YouTuber on his YouTube channel. This video has been viewed more than 2 crore times.

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Nature often amazes everyone with its amazing sight. The pictures of this change of season are starting to appear from every corner of the world. Recently, an old video is becoming very viral on social media. In this video, the scene of cloud bursting can be seen live. In the video, a cloud is seen bursting in a lake between the mountains. Surprisingly, this video has gone viral on social media very quickly.

This video is being shared on many social media platforms Perfect combination of season and landscape This video is being watched and shared a lot, in which the cloud moves slowly and water starts pouring from between the clouds. Meanwhile, as soon as the lake reaches the top, the cloud bursts and all the water starts falling at once. After watching this video, users are also making different types of comments. One wrote, "This scene made me cringe."

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One person wrote on the video, “Imagine what a scene would have been if this cloudburst had happened over a forest fire. What a beautiful and wonderful sight it is.” Another user wrote, “God is bathing his creations, trees and plants with water. Nature is at its peak. Beautiful and dangerous at the same time.”

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