Best traveling tips in india

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Each airline around the world has a specific set of guidelines and can be very strict about it. However, a user named Shubhankar Mishra has uploaded a video on Twitter, with the help of which you can pack all your belongings in a small bag and travel peacefully.

Best traveling tips in india

In this video uploaded on Twitter, a woman is seen packing clothes in a black plastic bag. After placing the goods it uses a vacuum pipe to remove all the air from the bag. Very soon, the bag is reduced to half the size. With this technique you can easily carry more luggage while travelling.

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The video has been captioned as, 'This technique will prove to be a boon for people who carry a lot of luggage while traveling.'

The video has received more than 4K views since its upload. A Twitter user commented, 'Vacuum cleaner bhi saath leke jaana hain kya?? Ate wakt bhi karana padega na' Another person commented, 'Wow, this is a great idea, thank you.' Some people retweeted the video with their own captions. “This is amazing, this is for people like us,” commented another user.

One user commented on the famous dialogue of the movie 'Stri' in this video and said, 'Wo Stri Hey Sahab, Wo Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hai' Another user commented that, 'Vacuum bags can also be used for this, amazing!'

Earlier, an Indian tourist in Phuket, Himanshu Devgan, was told that, "He cannot bring a tin of Gulab Jambu on the plane." However, instead of giving up that tin, Devgan did something unexpected.

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The Indian in him couldn't see the food being wasted like this, so he decided to give the rosary to security check officials. Devgn, who defines himself as a singer and artist on Instagram, posted a video of the time he opened a tin of Gulabjambu and offered it to staff at the Phuket airport.

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