Consume one spoon with milk for 10 days only

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Sargava is known to nearly everybody, as Sargava units are utilized to make vegetables. Sargava is exceptionally delightful to eat, so it is adored by everybody. All pieces of Sargana are extremely valuable for wellbeing. Sargava contains protein, amino acids, beta carotene and different supplements. Sargava leaves are new or powdered and added to vegetables. Two sorts of sorghum are sweet sorghum and Karelian sorghum. In which Karelio Sargavo is somewhat harsh in taste.

Consume one spoon with milk for 10 days only

Take care of business for 10 days drink one spoon with milk, the illness won't stay even in the nails.

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The most effective method to make Saffron horn powder

Saffron horn is broken and cleaned and dried. These cases can be dried and ground into little parts of make a powder. This powder decreases weight, is perfect for hair and skin, eliminates poisons from the body, further develops processing, fixes a sleeping disorder, increments moxie, reinforces bones and diminishes the gamble of malignant growth.

Step by step instructions to make saffron leaf powder

Break the saffron leaves from saffron and wash them with great water. Subsequent to washing it with great water, dry it in the sun and when it solidifies, gather it and put it in a ringer and drudgery it. The powder that is ready by crushing is put away in a glass holder and blended in with food, water or milk according to necessity and it is exceptionally useful to drink it. Sargana blossom and bark powder can likewise be made along these lines.

Moringa is called Moringa oleifera in Latin, it is called Sahajan or Munga in Hindi. While it is called Drum stick tree, Pony radish tree in English. Sargava has vital restorative properties so it is utilized in the treatment of numerous illnesses. We are enlightening here regarding the advantages of Sargava.

Cerebral pain

Weaken equivalent measure of jaggery in Sargava root juice, channel it and put 1-1 drop in the nose to fix cerebral pain. Applying dark pepper glue in the juice of saffron leaves on the head fixes migraine. Sargava leaves squashed and applied with water fixes cerebral pain brought about by cold.

Bringing down circulatory strain

Leafy foods that are high in potassium assist lower with high blooding pressure. Like other green vegetables, spinach is plentiful in potassium, nutrients and minerals. Sargava contains multiple times more potassium than bananas. On the off chance that individuals with hypertension remember it for their eating regimen, the pulse diminishes.

Increment Sperm and Increment Actual Strength

Ordinary utilization of Sarga builds the sperm count and furthermore expands its motility alongside the sperm. Sargawa contains zinc content which is gainful for solid erection. Sargavo further develops sperm count and quality and thickens semen. Consuming it by ladies eases feminine issues and furthermore assuages uterine issues.


In the event that an individual's resistance is low, the possibilities becoming ill are expanded. In such cases, remembering saffron for food expands the ability to battle illness. Sargava horn and its leaves increment resistance. Consuming it in a fair sum expands this power.

For infant

Sargava horns contain calcium, which is exceptionally useful for infants, which reinforces the two bones and teeth. Which is given to pregnant ladies in food, how much calcium in her unborn kid is bountiful. Because of which the kid conceived stays solid. It likewise contains high measures of iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. Which assists with keeping the body solid.

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Scouring saffron passes on in water and imparting 1 to 2 drops in the nose and polishing off it fixes cerebrum fever or typhoid. Bubbling 20 grams of new foundations of Sargava in 100 ml of water and drinking it in the wake of separating kills typhoid.

Eye infection

On the off chance that the eyes are watery because of mucus, the watery eyes can be come by smashing Sargava leaves and making a glue of it. Blending 2 teaspoons of honey in 50 ml of Sargava leaf squeeze and applying it to the eyes as a poultice eliminates obscured vision. 2-2 drops blended in with equivalent measure of honey in the juice of Sargava leaves in the eyes fixes eye torment.

Ear infection

20 ml of Sargava root juice blended in with 1 teaspoon of honey and 50 ml of oil, warmed and put 2-2 drops in the ear fixes ear torment. Heat the sorghum gum in sesame oil and strain it. Dropping 2-2 drops of it fixes ear torment. Plan lap by pulverizing sorghum bark and rye. The issue of irritation in the base of the ear is relieved by this cure.

Stomach illness

Take new base of Sargava, mustard and ginger in equivalent amount and crush them into 1-1 gram tablets and consume 2-2 tablets in the first part of the day and night to actuate Jathragni and assuage anorexia. Adding 2 grams of ginger in 10 to 20 ml decoction of Sargava and savoring it the morning and night further develops absorption. Blending equivalent measures of saffron root and cedar root with kanji (carrot and beetroot juice-like beverage) and warming it and applying it to the stomach alleviates stomach throb brought about by acid reflux.

In the event of stomach gas or stomach torment, blend 100 grams of sorghum root bark with 5 grams of asafoetida and 20 grams of cinnamon, grind it with water and make 1-1 gram tablets and eat these tablets 2 to 3 times each day to fix stomach torment. Sargava leaves squashed with water and warmed and applied on the stomach fixes stomach throb. Making and eating Sargava unit vegetables kills digestive worms. Blending 50 grams of Sargava establishes in 200 ml of water and making a chutney and savoring it little amounts fixes ascites (sickness of tooting).

Urinary issues

Consuming 5 grams of Sargava gum day to day with curd for 7 days fixes urinary issues. Drinking a decoction of saffron root bark 20 gms 3 times each sunrises up kidney stones. This analysis is likewise gainful in epilepsy.


Applying Sargana gum fixes moles. Scouring saffron leaves with oil and warming them to fix old agony and knee torment. Take equivalent measures of new saffron root, mustard and ginger and crush them into 1-1 gm tablets and consume 2-2 tablets in the first part of the day and night to fix hemorrhoids. Rubbing saffron seed oil alleviates joint agony. Scouring saffron leaves with oil and sitting in the sun fixes torment from wounds and injuries.

For weight reduction

Chlorogenic corrosive in sardines assists in weight with acquiring and heftiness. This corrosive has against maturing properties which prompts weight reduction. For this, individuals who are overweight and overweight ought to remember Sarga for their ordinary eating regimen.

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By smashing the bark of Sargava root and Vatsanabha and applying the glue on the heat up, the bubble explodes and releases discharge. Endlessly bubbles can be taken out by applying the juice of sorghum leaves and beat sergers and applied all around the body. Blending equivalent measures of saffron leaves and sesame seeds and applying a ghee to the injury mends the injury rapidly.

Malignant growth

For liver malignant growth, making a decoction of 20 grams of Sargava bark gives help from disease. Sargava bark and Sargava leaves have hostile to malignant growth and against cancer properties. Aside from this, saffron leaves are rich in polyphenols and polyflavonoids, which have cell reinforcement and against malignant growth properties that assist with lessening this dangerous sickness.

On Canine Chomps

Blending equivalent measures of saffron leaves, garlic, turmeric, salt and dark pepper and applying it to the canine chomp site will diminish the enlarging and fever assuming there is fever. Consuming 10 to 15 grams of this glue in the first part of the day and night is gainful.


Devouring sorghum strip, products of the soil parts in food fixes the issue of diabetes. It has hostile to diabetic properties that monitor glucose levels. Which decreases the overabundance sugar content. Sargava is wealthy in riboflavin which brings down glucose so make and consume Sargava leaf tablets.

For Bones

With expanding age, it is additionally critical to deal with bones and keep them solid. Bones can be areas of strength for kept solid by consuming Sargava. Calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus are fundamental supplements for bones. These properties help in keeping bones solid. Sargavo likewise has the property of diminishing the gamble of bone infection.


Consuming saffron leaves is extremely helpful in forestalling sickliness for example lack of red platelets. Ethanolic concentrates of saffron leaves have against iron deficient properties, consequently their utilization further develops hemoglobin levels. So Sargava helps in the development of red platelets.

For Cerebrum

Sargavo likewise helps in keeping the cerebrum sound. Maturing negatively affects the cerebrum and can prompt mind related infections like Alzheimer's - dementia, Parkinson's - a focal sensory system issue. Sargava is exceptionally helpful to stay away from this issue. It additionally assists with honing and further develop memory in Alzheimer's patients who experience the ill effects of absent mindedness.

Liver issue

Lopsided and superfluous food consumption antagonistically affects the mind. In such a case, in the event that sorghum units or its leaves are remembered for the eating regimen, it is exceptionally valuable. It contains a flavonol called carcetin which shields the liver from any harm. Consuming saffron leaves, bloom sunner units can forestall deadly liver illnesses.

Breathing sickness

By blending the juice of saffron and ginger in equivalent amount. Consuming it in 10 to 15 ml everyday morning and night is gainful in respiratory illnesses and fixes respiratory sicknesses. Sargava is additionally plentiful in L-ascorbic acid, which supports resistance. While the nutrient safeguards against certain infections, it additionally alleviates colds and hacks. Assuming the nose is obstructed because of cold, bubbling Sargana leaves and taking its steam will open the nose and ears.

Drinking 10 grams of sorghum bark in water with this sorghum diminishes expanding. Pneumonia, rib torment, stomach hurt and so on are restored by applying sorghum bark. Eating Sargava as a vegetable in food doesn't create liver issues, spleen illness, cardiovascular issues, muscle shortcoming, any firmness, bubbles and sickness. Filaria (elephant foot) is relieved by applying squashed saffron root and warming it.

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Dhadhar is restored by scouring the bark of Sargava root in water and applying it. Applying a glue of saffron root cooked in mustard oil eases tingling. Rinsing with a decoction of Sargava root eases roughness and further develops voice. Sargava gum disintegrated in water and swished in the mouth fixes toothache. Bubbling 8 to 10 Sargava blossoms in 250 ml of milk and savoring it the morning and night eliminates actual shortcoming and increments virility.

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Applying sorghum and mango seed oil is advantageous for sickness. Applying warm glue of Sargava bark helps the organs, in this manner relieving disease. Polishing off ready juice of sargavan blended in with 5 to 10 ml of honey fixes loss of motion, feminine issues and so forth. A decoction of Sargava root bark taken with Sindhav and Hing fixes bumps, swellings and stones. Lapping the bark over the gumma makes it break and burst.

Hence, Sargava is a vital medication that obliterates numerous infections. Which as per Ayurveda is a spice that treats in excess of 300 illnesses including the sicknesses displayed here. Trust this data about sargava is exceptionally valuable for yourself and you can dispose of numerous sicknesses by utilizing sargava natural product, blossom, root, seed, leaves, bark and gum as a vegetable as well as a medication.

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