Dragon's 3D Billboard 2022

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Every day something new goes viral on social media. Viral videos are full of social media. Sometimes it is a lot of pleasure to watch some videos, and sometimes it is surprising to see some videos. A similar video has surfaced from China.

Dragon's 3D Billboard 2022

In this video that has surfaced through social media, you will see a billboard, which is quite spectacular. After seeing this billboard, it is very difficult to differentiate between real and fake. In the video of the 3D billboard going viral, you can see a dragon. Don't be surprised, it's not a real but a virtual dragon on a billboard made on screen with 3D technology.

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Let us now give you detailed information about the viral video. In this viral video you will see 3D billboard, in which you will get to see a dragon. You can see that the 3D dragon is quite tall and is moving from wall to wall. All this is a miracle of technology. Even after seeing this billboard, the dragon looks real. Believe me, if you suddenly see this billboard from the front, then it can even scare you for a moment.

Tokyo has a 3D cat

Let us tell you that some time ago in Tokyo, Japan, a giant 3D cat (3D Cat) became the center of attraction. Like a real cat, it also keeps making the sound of meow. This 1,664 square feet LED screen is located in Shinjuku district.

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Viral video

This video has been posted on the social media platform Twitter with an account named 3D Billboards. This video, shared on August 11, has been viewed more than 2 lakh times so far. More than 7 thousand Twitter users have also liked the video.

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