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You have seen many marriages but never seen such marriages

The use of social media has been growing rapidly in the last few years. Most of the people with smartphones these days seem to spend some time of the day on social media.

Funny Indian Wedding Video 2022

What is Social Media? Social Media is an Internet-based network that enables virtual connection with more than one person, through which ideas, information can be shared.

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Before giving an example of this social media, I would like to say that it is almost impossible for anyone with a smart phone not to use social media.

Websites like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram etc. are social media websites.

You may have seen many wedding videos on social media. Many videos are very funny. Many couples find their marriage very special. Today we are talking about one such video.

In almost all marriages something happens that makes that marriage the most different. Sometimes consciously and sometimes unknowingly, but something or other happens in a way that people will never forget after seeing it. And with the advent of social media, things like this are going viral. Which is why not only the wedding guests but people all over the world laugh a lot when they see these antics.

Funny jokes continue at the time of marriage. A very funny video is going viral on social media right now and everyone is stunned to see it.

You may have seen many weddings but you have never seen such a wedding.

Ajab Varavahu's pair - the groom 3 feet and the bride 5 feet

Watch Wedding Viral Video: Click Here

Watch Wedding Viral Video 2022 : Click Here

People are really liking this video. Not only that, this video has been watched by 7 thousand people so far.

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You may have seen many weddings but you have never seen such a wedding. This wedding is wonderful.

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