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SAP India and Amul today announced a joint community initiative focused on establishing knowledge transfer and technology capability at Amul Dairy in Anand. This will significantly change the lives of 1.5 million Indians, including children, youth, women and farmers. The initiative is designed to bridge the gap between community social entrepreneurship, access to skilled workforce, digital inclusion and gender equality.

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The project was announced by RS Sodhi, Managing Director, Gujarat Co.Op. Milk Marketing Federation, Amit Kumar Vyas, Managing Director, Amul, and Kulmit Bawa, Chairman and Managing Director, SAP at Anand's Amul Dairy. During the project, women who received digital education shared their experiences.

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SAP and Amul have jointly created a digitally inclusive ecosystem to promote literacy and inclusion at the grassroots level. Which will provide technical education and vocational assistance in areas such as coding, English language skills and socio-economic opportunities. The collaboration is a natural extension of the long-term partnership between the two companies, based on over two decades of research and commitment to building a long-term eco-friendly community.

About 66% of India's population lives in rural areas. Most of the rural people in India depend on agriculture, animal husbandry and dairy for their livelihood. Various governments have done their best to provide them with better education, transportation, financial services and internet connectivity. Amul and SAP have joined hands for this project with the goal of inclusive and sustainable community development. Under this project quality digital literacy and skill enhancement training will be made available to school children and teachers.

To boost India's 5 trillion economy, we need to develop digitally literate communities. This will be done by developing digital literacy, coding, problem solving and English skills among the citizens of the hinterland villages so that the new education policy can be easily adopted.

Transformation of workforce from school: STEM based learning environment will be created so that students from hinterland can easily convert to workforce and increase their employment opportunities. This will not only reduce the number of dropouts from schools but also improve education and create an employment-oriented workforce by promoting critical reasoning and analytical thinking.

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Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship: Due to the increasing prevalence of the digital world, women are getting more entrepreneurship opportunities in rural areas. As part of "Employment Oriented 21st Century Skills", more than 20,000 young women will be taught digital-financing skills and functional communication. The aim is to strengthen support for the social business sector and achieve gender equality. This initiative will help promote sustainable development, community ownership and partnership under the Operate, Transfer model. By planting fruit bearing seedlings, companies will help improve biodiversity, reduce soil erosion and increase green cover, thereby helping farmers and their families make a living.

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