How to earn money from Google Maps ? Read Here

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Till now you will only know using Google Maps that it helps you to reach your location. That's why most of you use Google Maps. Although Google Maps is helpful in telling the location, but if you want, you can also earn a lot with their help.

How tp earn money from Google Maps ? Read here

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps in the world. Travelers around the world depend on it to reach their destinations they have never been to. Not only this, it can also be used to locate new places nearby, estimate travel time from one place to another and even locate the nearest petrol pump, ATM and restrooms. Needless to say, this is a very handy tool. But do you know that you can also earn money from Google Maps? Let's tell how

How to find lost or stolen Mobile with Google ?

You can earn money like this from Google Maps

There is no direct way to earn money from google maps, there are two side jobs which will help you to earn money from google maps.

First: Map Analyst. A map analyst determines the reliability and accuracy of information in maps by conducting online research and referring to the guine-lines provided to you. Lionbridge is a company that works with companies such as Google to ensure that maps and search results and other Internet-related information is accurate and up to date. The work is flexible and pays from $10 (approximately Rs. 756) to $16 (Rs. 1,211) per hour.

Second: To become an online marketing consultant. An online marketing consultant uses SEO, advertisements, and user-generated content to bring in more customers to small businesses. It can help small businesses get recognized online and get more customers. Or you can optimize their online presence in such a way that they get more customers. However, for this you need some marketing knowledge and web development skills.

Learn a little about Google Maps Local Guide Points

Google Maps gives users points to contribute to making the navigational platform more useful and accurate. Google Maps gives points to people who share their experience with reviews, share photos and videos, give insights with their answers, answer questions about a place, with place edits Update information, add missing locations, or verify information by fact checking. Different points are given for different work. For example, writing a review gets 10 points while editing the details of a place gets only 5 points. see list below

– Review: 10 points
– Rating: 1 point
– Photo: 5 Points
– photo tags: 3 points
– Video: 7 Points
– Answer: 1 point
– Q&As response: 3 points
– Edit: 5 points
– Adding Location: 15 points
– Road Connectivity: 15 points
– Fact Check: 1 point

Create resume with your name and photo

As these points increase, so does your level. When a person collects 250 points, he gets a star. As these points keep on increasing and the local guide crosses various landmarks like 1500 points, 5000 points, 15000 points and more, the level of the local guide keeps on increasing. But these points are not useful in the real world at all. Meaning, you cannot redeem these points for money in the real world, nor can you use these points on the Google Play Store. Simply put, these points are of no use.

Earn Money From Google Maps

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