A video of two birds laughing as loudly as a human goes viral

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Animal and bird videos are very popular on the internet, often some cute movements of the animal bird are also captured in the camera which makes you want to watch it again and again. You must have seen many such videos in which animal birds make sounds like humans, but now a video of two birds is going viral that will make you laugh, because these birds laugh loudly just like humans.

A video of two birds laughing as loudly as a human goes viral

Two seagulls can be seen sitting in the viral video. Suddenly a seagull starts laughing. Yes, for us it might be a laughing sound, but for them it is their natural sound. Hearing the voices of both, it seems that both are laughing out loud. As if two men are laughing at some joke.

Watch a video : ચેઈન વગરની અદ્ભૂત સાયકલ

A video of two birds laughing as loudly as a human goes viral

When people saw both seagulls smiling in this video, they liked this video very much. One user wrote that the video looked exactly like someone in the class started laughing and then the whole class couldn't control their laughter. So many other people are also giving their response.

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The viral video has been posted on the micro blogging app Twitter, which has been viewed by more than 6 lakh 30 thousand people so far, and 17 thousand people have also liked the video. Many people are reacting on this video, some people find the birds in this video very cute and some are surprised.

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