Man who escaped death trending on earth

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Many videos are going viral on the internet every day. Now it is monsoon time and at this time many tragedies also happen, incidents like wall falling down, bike falling on the road, falling down on the road come up every now and then, many videos of which are also captured in the cameras around. Yes, often in such an accident, when a person is also saved, who will taste what comes out of the mouth or keeps the Ram.

Man who escaped death trending on earth

This man escaped death, after watching the video, you will also say, Yamraj's lunch time must be going on! Watch the hair-raising video

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Currently, a similar video is going viral on social media. In the video, it can be seen that a person is walking very comfortably. Instantly he takes a step and then the entire ground collapses. If he was even a second late he would have fallen inside the entire pit.. One step saved his life. Even he himself is surprised to see such a big pit suddenly behind him.

Watch the video of this man who escaped death

In the video, it can be seen that a person has come walking comfortably from the road. He tries to go inside a roadside shop. Unaware of any mishap and not even aware of what is going to happen in the next few seconds, he moves on. Just then, the drain slab passing in front of the shop breaks and a big pit falls.

Watch the video of this man who escaped death

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Good thing the guy had taken a step forward, otherwise he would have fallen into the gutter. This video is now becoming very viral and people are also seen giving their different reactions on this video. Some are saying that Yamraj is on holiday, some are also saying that Yamraj's lunch break is going on. However, when and where this video is from has not been confirmed yet.

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