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The people of Gujarat no longer need to go to the Wagah-Attari border for Seema Darshan. People will now be able to see the border in Nadabet (Nadabet) of Banaskantha, the border district of Gujarat. The facility built here at a cost of Rs 125 crore was inaugurated by Union Home Minister Amit Shah yesterday. Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel was also present on the occasion.

In Nadabet (Nadabet) devotees and pilgrims visit Nadeshwari Mataji at Nadabet and visit India-Pakistan International Border Zero Point which has been developed as Nadabet (Nadabet) tourism. Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurated it after the demarcation work was completed.

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125 crores spent for Seema Darshan project

With most of Gujarat's water and land connectivity with Pakistan, Gujarat tourism has created a new place for tourists to see and enjoy. In Sui village of Banaskantha in the state, the public will get a chance to see the fury of the soldiers on the border of Gujarat with Pakistan and at the same time will also get a feeling of approaching the border. The Nadabet (Nadabad) border point has been built here at a cost of Rs 125 crore. The BSF and the state's R&B department have also helped the Gujarat tourism department to set up this huge point near the India-Pakistan border.

This is what the Wagah-Attari border looks like

Every evening BSF will parade at this place where tourists will be able to enjoy the bravery of the soldiers. Tourists will also be able to know how BSF works at the border. Here are some things to keep in mind to attract tourists including museums.

Ground was made for the parade of five thousand soldiers

People coming to the border will be able to see the parade of soldiers like at the Wagah-Attari border. The ground has been prepared for the parade. Here in the Ajay Prahari Museum, the epic story of the martyrs who died in the service of the country is narrated.

Tourists will be made aware of the operation of BSF jawans

Seemadarshan has 3 arrival plazas with lounge and interior functions, parking with a seating capacity of 500, auditorium, changing rooms, souvenir shop, 22 shops and restaurants, 'Sarhadgatha' exhibition center and museum, decorative lighting, solar rooftop The facility is developed. In addition, retaining wall, BSF barracks and drinking water and toilet block facilities, parade ground with 5000 people capacity, exhibition centre, parking facility, sound system, various activities for children to play, investment facility for BSF personnel and special The limit of replication is protected. The 'Ajay Prahari' memorial has been erected in the memory of the brave soldiers who laid down their lives for the defense of the nation and the tricolor has been hoisted at a height of 40 feet.

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Apart from this, Beating Retreat Ceremony has been started by BSF so that tourists can also experience the thrill of seeing the India-Pakistan border. Watching the heroic scenes of the soldiers will instill a unique sense of pride and confidence in the hearts of the tourists. Guns, torpedoes, wing drop tanks and sights are also offered for the MiG-27 aircraft. 

View of Nadabet from the sky Video: Click Here

The Nadabet (Nadabet) Border Project is the first state-of-the-art BSF project in the country, which will chronicle the origin, development and role of BSF in wars as well as the achievements of the heroes who made supreme sacrifices for the country.

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