World's first electric car to give a range of 1,000 km

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A Norwegian electric vehicle startup called Fresco has unveiled a cool EV with a seating capacity of 8 people and can run up to 1,000 km on a single flower charge. Fresco Motors had earlier unveiled a Copcept car called the Rewari and now the company has also introduced its first look electric vehicle. The name of this electric car is Fresco XL which looks like a standard car but does the job with this MPV.

World's first electric car to give a range of 1,000 km

Norwegian EV startup Fresco has unveiled an 8-seater all-wheel drive electric car. The company claims that this car can cover a distance of 1,000 km on a single charge. Fresco Motors is the same company that unveiled a concept car called Reverie a few days back. Now this company has demonstrated the car with the highest range and highest seating capacity in the world.

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Passengers can sleep inside it

The company named the car XL, possibly because of the large amount of space in its cabin. However, the cabin of the car does not appear in the photo of the electric car that the company has shared. It is also reported that the car seats are folded in such a way that it can be a single bed and the musari can sleep inside it. According to the company, the Fresco XL comes with 4 electric motors, a 2-way charging point and a powerful battery pack that offers a range of up to 1000 km.

Fresco XL car

Named as the Fresco XL, the electric car looks like a sleek sedan, which has many features of a minivan or MPV. Due to the large space available in this car, it has been named XL or XL. The company has told that this car has a seating capacity of eight people and if you feel like sleeping in the car, then its seats can be folded to make a sleeping place for four people.

According to the carmaker, four electric motors have been installed in the Fresco XL. Charging ports have been given on both sides to charge the car. To make the car last for 1,000 km on a single charge, a large battery has been installed in it.

0-100 Kmph speed in just 2 seconds

The startup was launched in 2017 and has never been able to produce the showcased concept car recovery that the company showcased in 2019. It is claimed that this electric car has a top speed of 300 km / h and can reach 0-100 km / h in just 2 seconds.

Fresco XL car

However, Fresco has not yet shared much information about this XL electric car. It has shared only one video of the model on its social media platform. So that it can be guessed how his upcoming car could be. However, Fresco has started taking pre-launch orders for the XL electric car at a price of 1,00,000 Euro, which roughly translates to Rs 86 lakh in Indian currency.

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Fresco Motors was introduced in 2017 after the name of American futurist Jack Fresco. Reverie, the Fresco's previous concept car, never entered production after its unveiling in 2019. Fresco had claimed that the Reverie had a top speed of 300 kmph. It could reach zero to 100 kmph in just two seconds.

Fresco Electric Car Video Watch: Click Here

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