MBBS student made Electric car only 60000

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Unique talents are found in the villages in every corner of Gujarat. At that time, a young man from Harigadh village in Danta taluka of Banaskantha and now living at Rapar in Bhuj has worked hard for two to three months to make a battery powered car.

MBBS student made Electric car only 60000

A young man named Shreya Ojha worked hard for two to three months to build a car. Made a car using old scrap metal at a cost of more than 60 thousand.

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Shreya studies MBBS

Shreya Ojha, son of Dr. Rameshbhai Ojha, a resident of Harigarh in Danta, Banaskantha district and currently living at Rapar, Bhuj, has built a battery-powered vehicle. Shreya Ojha who has done MBBS for her future. Studies, but also makes the best things out of the West for his own entertainment.

Electric car made from scrap
Source by: Divya bhaskar

Used an old scrap metal to make a car

Studying MBBS, Shreya Ojha used an old item from a scrap yard to build a five-foot two-seater car after two to three months of hard work. The car has a direct cell start type on-off switch with a speed meter, blue LED light, two fans, a music system and two speakers, which can be turned on and off by pressing a key.

Build a car without gear

The peculiarity of this car is that it does not have gears, instead it has three modes. Low, Medium and High. The car runs at 20 to 25 speeds on low, 30 to 35 speeds on medium and hyper 45 speeds. Ojha has spent more than Rs 60,000 to make this car. This vehicle travels 40 to 50 kilometers on a single charge.

Electric car made from scrap
Source by: Divya bhaskar

Used free time for hobbies

Regarding this, Shreya Ojha said that I have made this car just for hobby. It was a vacation and I just had a hobby of making something, so I made a car. I have done many experiments before, big and small.

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The speed of 45 is high

"I made the car two-seater," Shreya said. The headlights, fog lights, side lights have been installed in the vehicle. Blue LED lights and two fans. There is also a music system with two speakers. The car has a direct cellstat type on-off switch, which we can turn on and off by pressing the key. It has a total of three modes instead of gears. Low, Medium and High. It runs at 20 to 25 speed on low, 30 to 35 speed on medium and 45 speed on high.

Electric car made from scrap
Source by: Divya bhaskar

Worked hard for three months

"I thought of building a cart so I slowly started collecting things," he said. Collect all the items required for the car. Then I thought about how the item would look according to the menu mechanism. Gradually, as the thing progressed inside, I realized how everything would fit. Sometimes I have to open it again after working hard for a week or fifteen days, this happened to me many times. It uses an iron pipe to strengthen the vehicle.

Watch Electric Car Made From Scrap Video: Click Here

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