Cheap Electric Car from Alto! Run 300 km on Full Charge

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Electric vehicles are now coming into circulation all over the world and new electric vehicles are constantly being made and introduced in the Indian market as well. The government is also working hard for the common people to use it. That is why the number of EVs is increasing. Today we are going to tell you about a vintage looking electric car made from spare parts of Maruti Suzuki Alto and Royal Enfield.

Green Master Car

There's something about vintage cars that's so alluring to everyone. It could be a giant Cadillac from the 60s or even a Ford Model T from the era of the beginning of the car itself. Someone at Sirsa thought so too, so they decided to build cars that are designed and styled like one of them 1930s models. But we're living in 2022, and so they're powered by an electric motor.

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Green Master Car Features

The vehicle featured here has been built by Green Master, a custom builder based out of Sirsa, Haryana. The photos we've seen on the builder's social media pages do reveal that the car uses motorcycle parts, for example, the alloy wheels look like something you'd use aftermarket on a Royal Enfield. The rearview mirrors look like they're from an Enfield.

It is difficult to tell what parts of the Maruti Suzuki Alto does the vehicle use but reports and videos on the Internet suggest that it does.

Runs up to 100 km on a single charge

A similar vehicle featured on Green Master's official website has the following specifications. The motor capacity is 1000 Watt and the 48V lithium-ion battery puts out 1 hp and 2.2 Nm of torque. The top speed is about 35 km/h and has a claimed range of 100 km. It has a charging time of four-to-five hours.

Green Master Car

These are the numbers for the vehicle pictured above (in white). Expect similar performance from Green Master's vintage electric car (in green) depending upon the motor and battery it packs.

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Green Master Car Price

The bodywork appears to have to been built by hand and the overall finish is rather good. The vehicle is, however, not legal for the road. Green Master two-seater vehicles are priced from Rs 1.45 lakh to Rs 2.45 lakh. While it may not find use in the real world, the vehicles would make nice little transporters for within the premises of a fancy resort.

Green Master Car Official Website & More Information: Click Here

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Green Master Four Seater Video Watch: Click Here

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