Where to Buy Cheapest Air Conditioner in India

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The heat is gradually increasing and this situation is troubling the people sitting at home. Coolers and fans provide relief, but after some time you start feeling hot. At this time the room can be kept cool with split air conditioner. But despite their starting price starting from Rs 35 thousand, many people are not in the financial position to buy them.

Where to Buy Cheapest Air Conditioner in India

In such a situation, many people buy air conditioners from online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Actually, air conditioners are slightly cheaper here compared to the offline market. There is a website where the cheapest air conditioners are available. Their prices are so low that you can buy them at half the price and take them home. let's find out.

AC is available here at cheapest price

The air conditioners are being sold on the government e-marketplace called GeM. Cheap products are sold in this government market and their quality is also very high. When we talk about air conditioners, we are telling you about some very affordable options which are available at half the price.

AC is available at less than half the price

Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Air Conditioner is available to the customers on this website at a very low price. Its actual price is Rs 67,990, but on this website it is being made available for Rs 18,018.

If you look at Whirlpool, there is another affordable option where customers get it for Rs 27,757. You can buy Whirlpool 1 Ton 3 Star Air Conditioner at a base price of Rs 59,200. These cheap options on this website do not mean that they will be of low quality, they are relatively high quality and unlikely to spoil.

Where to buy cheap air conditioner?

These are being sold on the government e-marketplace called GeM.

How to buy a cheap air conditioner?

First of all you have to go to the official website of GeM.
For this you will have to search GeM in Google.
Click on this website Gem.gov.in.
Then you have to search air conditioner in the search bar. You will get a lot of options and order only after checking the warranty or guarantee.

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