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Harde is a herb made from a triphala churn which is also known as jadi-buti. Harde if eaten daily provides relief from various problems. Harde is taken more by people who have the problem of constipation.

Harde benefits

Eating hard also cleans the stomach and relieves constipation. Gas problem is also relieved. If harde is consumed, the disease is destroyed from the root.

Losing weight

Hardy works to cleanse the stomach and activate the digestive system by improving it. Apart from this, this medicine is also proven to detoxify the body and reduce weight. Regular consumption of hardy for weight loss can reduce weight. Apart from being an aid in digestion, it also gets rid of gas, acidity and many other problems and helps in reducing your weight gradually.

In toothache

When you have a toothache, making a paste of horseradish and applying it on your teeth relieves the toothache. And by doing this, all diseases related to teeth will be relieved. By gargling the paste of harde mixed with thin buttermilk, it removes the swelling on the gums and also relieves the pain in the tooth.


Hardy is a boon for people suffering from constipation problem. To relieve constipation, if taken with a pinch of salt and half gram of cloves and cinnamon, the constipation disappears within a few moments. In today's age almost most of the people are suffering from the disease of constipation. Hardy powder is very beneficial in the problem of constipation. Mix a pinch of salt in this powder and eat it. You will see the difference yourself.

Skin allergies

If you have any skin related allergy then decoction of horseradish proves to be a panacea. For this, make a decoction by boiling the harden fruit in water and consuming this decoction regularly twice a day, your skin energy will relax very quickly.

Diseases of the eyes

If harde paste is applied slowly with hands near the eyes, the problem of the eyes will be removed and its consumption will also increase the brightness in the eyes. And relieves inflammation.

Increase sexual power

In Ayurveda it is used to cure sexual problems. Consume 1-2 grams daily for one month. It is beneficial in treating premature ejaculation.

Relief from indigestion

Consuming harde gives relief in correcting the digestion process. For that, before eating, mixing ginger in Harde Churna will improve appetite and make you feel hungry. Along with that, eating it mixed with sugar, jaggery or Sindhav salt improves digestion.

On dizziness

If you have a problem of sudden dizziness then take 25-25 grams of pepper, ginger, fennel, horseradish. Now mix all these in 150 grams jaggery and make round shaped pills. Taking 1-2 tablets 3 times a day will stop dizziness and lightheadedness. Consuming harde regularly does not make the body feel tired. Chewing pieces of harde increases appetite. Diseases like constipation or cough are removed by consuming harde.

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To prevent piles

Taking harden powder with curd or buttermilk to prevent hemorrhoids and bloody tissue relieves the problem of piles. Mix some jaggery in the harde and make a pill. Roasted cumin mixed with curd and taken in the morning and evening along with fresh curd relieves the pain of warts and reduces swelling.

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