Big decision of Modi government: Doctors arbitrariness will not work

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Especially in this time, people are becoming more ill but people go to small doctors so that they can get relief at less money but the medicines prescribed by the doctor are so expensive that people spend a lot of money to get them. Considering the seriousness of this matter, a very important decision has been taken by the Modi government.

Big decision of Modi government: Doctors arbitrariness will not work

All people will benefit from about 30-80% of the cost of taking the medicine. So the National Medicine Commission has given a very important order to the doctor in this regard. So the poor and middle class will benefit a lot.

- Generic drugs are 30 to 80% cheaper than branded drugs.
- There was no provision for any penalty in the 2002 rules of NMC.

What is the benefit if the doctor prescribes generic medicine?

If the doctor writes generic medicine in the prescription, the patient will save at least 30 to 80 percent of his medicine expenses.

What is the difference between generic medicine and branded Pettren medicine?

If we talk about the intricacies of both, the intricacies of both have been told to you below, but if you understand the intricacies then this medicine does not have much intricacies.

In simple words, you can say that the difference between Branded Jeans and Normal Jeans is the same, both the works are same but one company has a good name in the market and it charges more money while the other company makes good quality. But he is able to sell his jeans cheaply because he does not have to spend on advertising/commission in the market.

What is branded medicine?

A branded medicine is a medicine which a company manufactures and sells under its own name. Paracetamol, used for pain and fever, was sold under the name Crocin, then it became a branded medicine. Usually, when a pharmaceutical company discovers a new medicine, it patents that medicine in its name and this patent lasts for about 20 years. Now, as long as the patent of that medicine remains with that company, only the company doing the research has the right to make that medicine or do further research on it, only when a company buys the patent from another company, it gets the right. Get to research and manufacture medicines. Royalty is paid for the drug that is discovered.

What is generic medicine?

When a small company makes medicines by mixing the same substances, then they are called generic medicines in the market. There is no difference between these two medicines, only the name and brand differ. For example, suppose you are purchasing some goods from a small company. But the formula for making the medicine is the same. Therefore there is no difference in the quality of medicine. Also, branded companies start creating after their patents expire. If it is sold under a brand name like Crocin, it becomes a branded drug. You will be surprised to know that for everyday problems like fever, cough and body ache, generic medicines are available at a price ranging from just 10 Paisa to Rs 1.50 per tablet. Whereas in branded medicine its price ranges from Rs 1.50 to Rs 35.

Where can I get generic medicine?

Generic medicines are sold in the country under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana.

Why are generic medicines cheaper?

In simple language, no commission and no marketing expenses.

What are NMC new rules?

According to the new rules announced by the National Medical Commission, all doctors will have to prescribe generic medicines to patients. Doctors will be penalized for not prescribing generic medicines. His license to practice will also be suspended for some time. NMC in its rules has urged all doctors not to prescribe branded generic medicines. Currently doctors are required to prescribe generic medicines to patients, but the rules announced by the Medical Council of India in 2002 had no provision for penalty.

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The rules announced by the NMC on August 2 said most people in India spend out-of-pocket on medicines for health care. It states that generic medicines are 30 to 80 percent cheaper than branded medicines. Therefore doctors prescribe generic medicines to patients which reduces health care costs. Quality treatment can be provided to the patient at a lower cost.

If the doctor does not agree, there will be punishment

Doctors who violate the rules or instructions will be cautioned to prescribe only generic medicines and urged to undergo professional training. If doctors repeatedly violate the rules, their license to practice will be canceled for a certain period. Doctors must write each prescription in capital letters in a legible manner. It is advisable to have a typed or printed prescription to avoid any errors. NMC has created a template for this which can be used. Patients should be given generic medicines which are easily available in the market. They can give suggestions to hospitals and medical stores to stock essential generic medicines. Patients may be advised to purchase medicines only from Jan Aushadhi Kendras as well as generic medical stores.

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