There is a unique village in Gujarat entire village eats food in the same kitchen

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It is being said that something similar is being seen in Gharda Gada people. Mehsana In a village of Mehsana district, where as soon as you enter the village, you will find only Gharda people. Only old people live in this village. People know this village by the name of Anokhe village. Let's see what's in this special report. Unique stories and specialties of this unique village.

Gujarat this entire village eat in one kitchen

A unique village where there is RCC road at every corner, where there is 24-hour electricity and water, where there are no mosquitoes, where no elections have been held since independence, where there are 100 percent toilets and cleanliness. Chandanki village is located in Becharaji Taluka of Mehsana district. Out of the population of 1300 of this village, 900 people have settled in America and Ahmedabad.

These seniors have planned that no one has to cook in their own home and have tea, water and food in the same kitchen in the morning, afternoon and evening. Yes, you will be surprised to know that 60 to 100 elderly people eat food in the same kitchen every day. No hassle of cooking. The noteworthy thing about this village is that ever since Panchayati Raj has been implemented in this village, i.e. since independence till date, Gram Panchayat elections have never been held here. The benefit of which can be seen in the development of the village. There are paved roads, sewerage, electricity and drinking water facilities. So Chandanaki Gram Panchayat has also got the title of Samras Mahila Gram Panchayat.

Every elderly person living in this village neither wants to live alone in the village nor wants to live with his children. This is a unique village of Gujarat, collective food is organized every day in the entire village. Generally, communal food is organized on some occasion or the other, but there is a village in Mehsana district, where collective food is organized every day. Is. In Chandanaki village of Bahucharaji taluka, in the afternoon and evening everyone eats food together with all the people of the village. Community meals also have a fixed time.

More than 150 families live in this village. Its total population is 1300, but most of the people live outside the village due to business and employment and only 100 elderly people live in the village. One who does farming. At such times, there is no problem in getting food and so that the entire village can eat food together, a collective kitchen has been arranged. In which all the people of the village eat lunch and dinner together and if a guest comes to the village, then his dinner is eaten in the village kitchen itself. In this meal, women eat first and men eat later.

This is the only village in Gujarat which has a community dining hall. However, on the festival of Diwali all the people living outside come to their village, everyone eats food together. The stove is not burning in any house in the village. However, a special committee has been formed by the Sarpanch and youth of the village to ensure that all the people of the village get clean and nutritious food and this committee provides all the facilities. A modern canteen has been prepared in Padar of the village, in which all types of facilities have been provided.

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For the last 10 years, the people of the village have been having a collective meal every day, however, in the changing times, where on one hand there is division in the family, on the other hand every person of this village is like a family and is inspiring other villages.

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