PM Surya Ghar Scheme 2024 : 300 Free Electricity Units and Subsidy

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The Central Government of India has launched the PM Surya Ghar: Free Electricity Scheme to promote the use of solar energy and reduce the financial burden of electricity bills for households. This scheme offers:

Free Electricity: Up to 300 units of free electricity per month.

Subsidy: To minimize the financial burden of installing rooftop solar panels, the government provides a subsidy of up to 40% of the installation cost.

PM Surya Ghar Scheme 2024 : 300 Free Electricity Units and Subsidy

Up to 300 units of free electricity per month. For this, the government is investing 75,000 crores in the 'PM Surya Ghar' scheme and is also giving subsidies to avoid financial burden.

The Finance Minister announced the Rooftop Solar Energy Scheme during Budget 2024. It was said that 1 crore families will get free electricity up to 300 units per month. After that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared the information about the launch of 'PM Surya Ghar: Free Electricity Scheme' on his official handle on Twitter. With the help of which the electricity bill will decrease.

In a tweet on his official handle on social media site X, PM Modi urged citizens to promote solar energy and continuous progress. The Prime Minister wrote, 'For the continued development and well-being of the people, we are launching PM Surya Ghar: Free Electricity Yojana. Rs. The project, with an investment of over 75,000 crores, aims to light up 1 crore households by providing up to 300 units of free electricity every month.'

How to apply PM Surya Ghar Scheme ?

The government is investing 75,000 crores to make this scheme a success and the government is also giving subsidy so that you don't have any financial burden. Now if you also want to take advantage of this scheme, how to apply for it, the process is shown in this video.


First of all you have to visit portal. Registration has to be done here. For this you have to select your state and electricity distribution company. After this, information about electricity customer number, mobile number and email has to be given.

Login and Apply: 

After this, login with customer number and mobile number. After logging in you have to apply through Rooftop Solar form.

Feasibility Approval: 

Wait for feasibility approval from Discom. If you get the feasibility approved, you can install the plant from any of the registered vendors in your discom.

Installation and Net Meter: 

After completion of installation, submit plant details and apply for net meter.

Commissioning and Subsidy: 

Commissioning Certificate will be generated from the portal after installation of net meter and verification by Discom.

Step 6:

After receiving the commissioning report, submit the bank account details and canceled check through the portal. After this, your subsidy will be credited to the bank account within 30 days.

Subsidy will also be provided

A calculator is also provided on the portal to calculate how much subsidy you will get in your account, how much rupees you have to invest and how much rupees will be saved per year.

Additional Resources:

The official website ( provides a subsidy calculator to estimate your potential savings and investment.

Click more info : Gujarati

You can find more information about the scheme on the website.

You will get all the information about this at According to the information provided in it, if you want to install 2kW rooftop solar at home, the total cost will be Rs 47,000. On which the government will give a subsidy of 18,000 rupees. In this way, the customer has to pay Rs 29,000 for installing rooftop solar.

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