RTO Traffic Rules Update 2023

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Considering the large number of changes, it is important for drivers to stay informed about the latest updates in traffic rules. Failure to follow the new RTO traffic rules can result in heavy fines which no one wants to face. New rules have been strictly enforced to bring under control irresponsible drivers who violate traffic rules. The comprehensive details regarding the new rules are mentioned below for your perusal.

RTO Traffic Rules Update 2023

Traffic rules are going to get stricter in Ahmedabad. As of now, there are only 3 traffic rules in Ahmedabad, violation of which leads to E-Challan.

Violation of these three rules currently results in E-Challan being cracked

- Traffic signal violation,
- Over stepping of stop line,
- Not wearing a helmet

Gujarat Traffic New Rules Update

RTO Traffic New Update 2023

The RTO's new rules require installment of 30 ANPR cameras at various locations. As a result, strict rules have been imposed and the following points are advised to be noted to prevent heavy penalties.

- Omitting sight of moving vehicle by police Rs. 10,000 currency may be issued.
- Driving while braking can attract a fine of ₹5000.
- If the fine is not paid within 90 days, the vehicle will be blacklisted.
- A fine of 1000 will be imposed if the helmet does not have a strip.

Now E-Challan New Rule if you drive while talking on phone

Currently, if caught talking on the phone while driving, the E-Challan can be torn. All these can be investigated by checking the CCTV footage. Not only this, a memo like this can also be torn if the vehicle is not parked properly. Although planning like this was done earlier but failed.

RTO Traffic New Rule Update 2023

Fines for various traffic rules

Violation of signal, violation of stop line and use of mobile phone while vehicle is running can lead to issuance of E-Challan. Along with this, strict action can be taken against anyone who adds dark film to their car, puts on a fancy license plate, crosses the center line, or rides three times in a row on a two-wheeler.

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