New rule regarding reservation in train

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 Hello friends, everyone must be traveling by train regularly. But the rules regarding railway travel and tickets keep changing from time to time. Today we have come to give you information about the same rule.

New rule regarding reservation in train

If the passenger does not reach the seat even ten minutes after the departure of the train, he will remain without ticket. His seat will be allotted to another passenger. Now the TTE staff will not wait for the passenger till he leaves one or two stations. It will be mandatory for them to register the presence or absence of the passenger in just ten minutes.

Passengers traveling in reserved coaches of trains sometimes board other coaches due to rush or convenience. They get to their seats after a station or two, then often wait and sit in someone else's seat, but not anymore.

TTE is now using Handheld Device for Ticket Checking in Train.These gadgets are currently planned to record traveler participation. Presently the traveler should arrive at his seat in somewhere around 10 minutes of the flight of the train. The TTE will likewise need to enter the traveler's presence in the gadget inside a similar time span. If a passenger is not found on his seat within 10 minutes of the departure of the train, his train ticket may be cancelled.. On the other hand, the passenger who does not get the seat, it will be considered that he has not boarded the train.

This is the new system ?

Under the new system, it has become mandatory for passengers traveling on reservation tickets to be present at their seats/berths at the time of ticket checking after departure of the train. According to TN Pandey, conservator of the Indian Railway Ticket Checking Staff Organization (IRTCSO), the passenger will have to board the train from the same station from where he will travel. Passengers will be frisked at the boarding station itself. In case of non-availability, the seat/berth will be allotted to the passenger having RAC or waiting ticket by recording absence. Due to the digital function of ticket checking, once a passenger is registered as present or absent, it cannot be changed.

This was the system till now

Till now, during manual ticket checking, TTE used to make passengers wait for one to two stations on one seat/berth. A passenger is considered present even if he reaches the seat/berth after one station. TTE modifies the reservation chart after the arrival of the passenger. Taking advantage of the facility, passengers also catch the train before the station from where they start their journey as per their convenience. They sit somewhere in another coach instead of their seat/berth, but this will not happen now.

There will be no change

Under the new system, now the station from which the passenger will have to travel. You have to board the train at that station only. Passengers will be frisked at the boarding station itself. Failure will be bring about nonappearance.. There will be no change in this also, as the entire process is online. The passenger will not be heard anywhere.

HHT started a year ago in Maurya Express

North Eastern Railway introduced Hand Held Terminal (HHT) on Maurya Express on 18 July 2022. All ticket checking staff are now replacing Reservation Charts and Access Fare Tickets (EFT) with Hand Held Terminals (HHT). The entire system has become paperless. This has not only made the process simple and easy, but has also started providing convenience to the passengers. 

Railway did not issue any order

However, when this order was discussed with the railway officials, it was found that no such order has been issued by the railways. Usually the checking staff do not allot the seat to anyone from the boarding station of a passenger to the next 2 stations. According to the Railways, there has been no change in the existing rules.

हालांकि जब रेलवे अधिकारियों से इस आदेश की बात कि तो पता चला कि रेलवे की तरफ से इस तरह का कोई आदेश नहीं जारी किया गया है. आमतौर पर किसी पैसेंजर के बोर्डिंग स्टेशन से अगले 2 स्टेशन तक चेकिंग स्टॉफ उसकी सीट किसी को अलॉट नहीं करते हैं. रेलवे के मुताबिक मौजूदा नियमों में किसी तरह का कोई बदलाव नहीं हुआ है.

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NOTE : ये नियम पहले है लेकिन इसका अभी तक इतना असरकारक अमल नहीं क्या जा रहा है. तो बेहतर है हम नियमो का पालन करे वरना आपको नियम के तहत सीट गवानी पड़ सकती है.

Passengers will not have to run behind TTE. The ongoing tussle over tickets, berths and money has started coming to an end. Since the system is transparent, fraud is also being curbed.

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