RTO 58 services will now be availed at home

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Customers can get the benefit of 58 services related to Regional Transport Office (RTO) sitting at home. Now people will not need to visit RTO for getting DL made, learner's license renewed and other services including vehicle registration. Actually, the Ministry of Road and Transport Highways has made 58 services online from 16 September.

RTO 58 services will now be availed at home

The Ministry of Road and Transport Highways has made 58 services online with the aim of reducing the burden of increasing complaints in the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and providing convenience to the customers. This means that one will not have to go to the RTO office to get the learner's license renewed and to get the vehicle registration and DL made, the benefits can be availed by applying online.

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Website and Mobile Application

Online services of RTO can be availed through the transport application and website. The applicant will have to visit the official website of Parivahan https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/ or download the Parivahan mobile application from Google Play Store. In both cases, the applicant will be able to get the benefit of a total of 58 services under license services, vehicle related services, manufacturer and product related services.

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The ministry had issued a notification in this regard on 16 September. According to this notification, the person who does not have Aadhaar can directly avail the services by showing any other identity card. With this, people will not have any problem in applying for other identity cards as well and they will be easily registered for any service.

Why are the services done online

According to the ministry, the purpose of making all these services online is to save the necessary time and compliance burden on the people by reducing the need to reach the office and meet personally. According to the ministry, this will significantly reduce the number of people reaching the RTO, due to which more efficiency will be seen in the work of the employees. The Ministry has written in its release that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued SO 4353 (E) on 16 September 2022, through which a total of 58 citizens related to driving license, conductor license, vehicle registration, permit, transfer of ownership etc. The benefits of centric services can now be availed completely online, thereby eliminating the need to visit the RTO.

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Which services will be online

Online services for which people can get Aadhaar verified include services such as learner's license, copy of driving license and renewal of driving license that do not require driving.

RTO 58 Online Service List: Click Here

Parivahan Official Website: Click Here

Parivahan App Download: Click Here

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