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Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has introduced a new feature. These features are going to be very beneficial for people who travel a lot. This feature has been introduced through the new update of ColorOS operating system.

It can be known about the hidden camera. This feature has been seen on Oppo's flagship smartphones Oppo Find X5 and Find X5 Pro. Hidden cameras are often found in changing rooms, spas, public washrooms or hotel rooms. It is secretly recorded.

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Now OPPO has found a solution to avoid such a situation. With the new ColorOS version, the user can scan the wireless signal of a Spy Camera in a room. The signal detection method is specially designed to detect hidden electronics or electronic components.

In an announcement on Chinese social media platform Weibo, OPPO said that ColorOS 12.1 can detect hidden cameras. Currently, this feature can be accessed through the hidden camera detection app on smartphones.

According to a report, the company is currently available in the beta version in the Oppo App Market. After downloading it asks the user to turn off the phone's WiFi and hotspot so that the spy camera can scan. Apart from this, the user is also asked to turn off the camera light. It can detect the infrared light coming from a spy camera in a dark room, if it uses it to record video.

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Like when the app comes to know about a spy camera, it shows its location to the user through hot and cold type indication, i.e. moving the phone near the spy camera will make the beep sound faster and when moving away, the sound will become less. This app is in beta status meaning it is currently exclusive to Find X5 and Find X5 Pro. It remains to be seen when Oppo ColorOS 12.1 will be released for users worldwide.

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