Okha to Bet Dwarka Country's longest cable bridge Drone view

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A devotee who goes to bow to the Black Thacker of Yatradham Dwarka invariably crosses the sea to Dwarka. But one has to take a boat from Okha and cover a sea distance of four and a half kilometers to reach Bet Dwarka. But now Signature Setu i.e. Signature Bridge is taking shape between these seas at a cost of 962 crores.

Okha to Bet Dwarka Country's longest cable bridge Drone view

When our team reached the bridge, more than 300 engineers and workers were seen working. At present, about 11 pillars have been erected in the middle of the sea. This bridge will definitely be another Ram Setu in bringing devotees to God.

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A total of 4,472 meters of work on land and sea combined

Dwarka Provincial Officer Nihar Geharia said that it is expected that this Seturupi Bridge will be ready in April 2022 at a cost of 962.83 crores. 4,472 meters of work has been done on land and sea. There is a total of 2,320 meters at sea and 2,152 meters on land. India's longest cable stayed signature bridge is under construction. Currently, the construction of this bridge is going on in full swing.

11 pillars were raised by sea braze crane

From Okha in Dwarka to Betdwarka, 11 pillars have been raised in the sea by marine braj cranes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced in September 2017 to connect the sea route from Okha to Betdwarka by land. Accordingly, a private construction company from Haryana was entrusted with the work by the National Highway Authority. The signature bridge is being built by the company with the help of around 300 engineers.

20 lakh pilgrims visit Bat Dwarka from Okha every year

At Dwarka, more than 20 lakh pilgrims visit Bat Dwarka every year. Moreover, 8 thousand locals have to resort to compulsory boats to go from Dwarka to Okha. But after this pool is built, many problems of the locals will be solved. Pilgrims coming to visit Dwarka will be able to go for darshan in their own vehicle after the bridge is constructed. Bet Dwarka is an island and with the sea all around you can go to Dwarka with the help of a boat. But since the bridge is being built, there is a lot of excitement among the people of Bat Dwarka as well.

The length of the Okha side will be 1066 meters and the length of the Bet Dwarka side will be 1180 meters.

A total of three spans will be constructed in the bridge. In which two spans of 500 meters length and 200 meters length will be made. The length of the Okha side of the bridge will be 1066 meters. Also the length of bat Dwarka side will be 1180 meters. The signature bridge will be 27.20 meters wide and 2.5 meters wide footpath will be built in this bridge.

Apart from ferry boat, passengers can also go by road

Being a signature bridge, pilgrims will be able to travel in a vehicle through the bridge and return immediately after darshan. Also, in case of emergency, it can be reached immediately by vehicle. If a traveler goes from Okha to Bet Dwarka in a special boat, it costs two and a half to three thousand rupees. Apart from this, if there is current in the sea, if there is heavy rain in monsoon, the boat service stops. Hence Betdwarka contact becomes absent. Apart from this, in case of any medical emergency in Betdwarka, which has a population of more than 8 thousand, the patient has to stay with the help of a boat. But this bridge will be a blessing for such people.

Signature Cable Bridge Drone View: Click Here

A verse will be written on the footpath and a picture of God will be placed

A 2.5 m wide footpath will be constructed on both sides of the bridge so that the passengers do not have any difficulty in passing. According to sources, a verse or even a photograph of Lord Shri Krishna will be placed on this footpath. Two tall towers (pylons) will be erected between these pools by tying them with wire. Its height will be 150 meters. Half a km between these two pylons. will be wide.

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Street lights on the bridge will glow from solar panels

A submarine cable has been laid from Okha to Betdwarka and electricity is being supplied to Betdwarka through the cable. But due to the boats many times the cables break and the power supply is disrupted. But when the bridge is constructed, the cable will be passed over it and electricity will be transmitted. With the construction of a footpath, pilgrims-devotees will be able to walk safely from Okha to Bet Dwarka. Solar panels installed on footpaths will generate 1 MW of electricity. Due to which the street lights above the bridge will also shine.

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