India's First Human Carrying Drone Varuna Video

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Indian Navy is going to include manned drones. This drone has been named Varun. It can fly with a weight of 100 kg. It will complete the journey of 25 to 30 km in 30 minutes. 

India's First Human Carrying Drone Varuna Video

The Indian Navy said in its statement that the drone has been developed by Pune-based Indian startup Sagar Defense Engineering Private Limited. He will soon be inducted into the Navy.

Amazing view of cloudburst caught on camera

Safe landing by parachute due to technical fault

Babbar, the company's co-founder, said that the drone is capable of landing safely even after technical glitches in the air. It also has a parachute, which will open automatically in case of emergency or malfunction and the drone will land safely. Along with this, Varuna can be used for air ambulance and transportation of goods in remote areas.

The drone was tested in July

The drone was demonstrated in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in July, where he was accompanied by Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. His video was also shared on the social media account of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Surveillance and security will be strengthened

According to the report, this will further strengthen the surveillance and security of the country. Apart from this, it can also be used in relief and medical emergencies.

In which areas are drones used?

According to Smit Shah, director of the Drone Federation of India, a non-profit organization formed to promote drones in the country, drones have three main uses, survey, inspection and delivery.

Apart from aerial survey, drones are used for inspection of pipelines, windmills, etc., for defense and to deliver medicines and essential materials to remote areas. Apart from this, aerial photography, cinematography are also used. Not only that, drones can also be used for air taxis.

Drone industry can reach 50,000 crore turnover by 2026

Smit Shah had said a few months ago that currently the drone industry is worth 5,000 crores. The government estimates that it will become a 15 to 20 thousand crore industry in 5 years, but we estimate that by 2026 it could reach a turnover of 50,000 crore.

Watch Varuna Drone Video: Click Here

Guidelines for Flying Drones in India

Government of India has divided drones into 5 different categories based on their weight. There are different guidelines for this.
To fly all drones except nano drones, you need to get a unique identification number from the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
Flying any drone near a military area or in a strategically important area is prohibited.
Flying of drones is prohibited within 5 km of international airport and 3 km from other airports.
Flying drones within 25 km of the international border is prohibited.
Apart from this, the category of the drone also determines how high it can be flown.

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America prepared the first drone in 2016

The world's first manned drone 'The Ehang184' was prepared in America in 2016. This is a small personal helicopter, capable of carrying only one passenger. It can carry a weight of up to 100 kg.

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