Nitrogen air filled in vehicle tires or not?

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Tires are very important for every vehicle, be it car or bike. In other words, there is nothing wrong with tires being called the life of a car. In that case, if there is a big problem with it, it is the problem of bursting tires of vehicles or the problem of falling punctures. That is why today we will tell you how to take care of tires. The health of a worn tire also depends on the air you put in it.

Nitrogen air filled in vehicle tires or not?

Many a times you may have been advised that tires should be filled with nitrogen gas instead of normal air. People insist on filling tires with nitrogen gas instead of normal air, especially when driving on expressways or highways. Let us know why it is said to fill tires with nitrogen air instead of normal air.

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Advantages of Nitrogen Gas

Due to the rubber, the nitrogen gas in the tire is less and more, due to which the pressure in the tire is maintained. That is why Formula One racing car tires are only filled with nitrogen gas. When a tire is filled with nitrogen, it dilutes the oxygen inside the tire, removing the water present in the oxygen. So the tire is more secure. When nitrogen gas is added to the tire, the amount goes up to 93-95 percent. This keeps moisture away. Because nitrogen is lighter than oxygen. So it reduces pressure even at high speed. The use of nitrogen gas increases the life of the tire. Also the mileage of the vehicle is good even after the tires are old.

What are the problems with normal air?

One of the problems with normal inflation is that it expands due to moisture and therefore damages the tire. While the vapor in it generates more pressure in the tire. Let it be known that according to science, nitrogen gas keeps tires cool even in summer season.

Nitrogen stays longer than normal air. Due to which the tension of filling the air in the tire is often not maintained. Common air humidity is a problem. Due to which there is a risk of damage to the tires of the vehicles and pressure on the tires and it also has a bad effect on the rim or alloy wheel.

According to science, the air around us contains 78 percent nitrogen gas, 21 percent oxygen and the remaining 1 percent carbon dioxide gas. All gases expand in heat and contract in cold. Something similar happens to the air in the tires, which causes more pressure on the tires during the summer season. That is why tire air should be checked periodically.

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This is why Formula One racing car tires are filled with nitrogen gas. If the tire is filled with nitrogen gas, one has to pay 100 to 150 rupees for it, while only 5 to 10 rupees has to be paid for normal air.

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