Which side should I sleep at night, left or right?

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Ayurveda states that an adult should take seven to eight hours of sleep regularly. So that their health is fine. In Ayurveda, there is a lot of discussion about the health of a person based on his sleep position. Everyone's sleep mode is different. Just as one sleeps on the left side, similarly one sleeps on the right side. Some sleep with their back straight, while some sleep with their stomach upside down. But there are some situations which are very harmful for our health.

Which side should I sleep at night, left or right?

A lot can be learned about a person's health based on the way they sleep through the night. Within Ayurvedic Science (Ayurveda Shastra) there are many ways by which a person can stay healthy permanently by sleeping in this position. People usually sleep in different ways at night. But if people misuse it in bed, then it can cause many damages to their health.

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Usually, after eating or at night, Left Side Sleep (sleeping on the left side) is good for health. Sleeping on the left side is considered very beneficial for anyone. But most people do not know why sleeping on the left side is the only way to maintain good health. And what kind of benefits does it bring?

Not many people know that taking a nap on the left side while sleeping has many benefits for our body. Many diseases like heart disease, upset stomach, fatigue, bloating and other physical problems can be cured by sleeping on the left side. Here we are telling you how sleeping on the left side is good for health.

Food is easily digested

If you want to digest your food then sleeping on the left side will be more effective. Sleeping in this position does not put any pressure on the digestive system and it does its work easily.

Beneficial for liver and kidney

Liver and kidney are the only ones that get the most waste out of our body. Therefore, do not put much pressure while sleeping.

Removes indigestion

For those who are suffering from indigestion and dyspepsia, doctors recommend sleeping on the left side.

Stomach will rest

By sleeping in this position, gravity helps the food to relax from the small intestine to the large intestine. Due to this, the stomach gets empty easily in the morning.

Keeps heart healthy

Those who sleep in the wrong position at night have a load on their heart. The right position to sleep at night is on the left side. This reduces the load on the heart and better supply of blood to the heart. Now if the heart is healthy, then the supply of blood and oxygen to the body and brain can be done easily.

Relief from acidity

If you have acidity after waking up every morning, then understand that you were sleeping in the wrong position. But if you sleep on the left side, the stomach acid will go down instead of up, which will not cause acidity and heartburn.

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Back pain relief

It is believed that people who sleep on their left side do not put any weight on their lumbar bones and get relief from back pain. By doing this, sleep also gets better.

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Relief from pregnancy symptoms

Sleeping on the left side in pregnancy gives relief in whatever symptoms are there. Like back pain or muscle pain etc. This is why this position reduces pressure from the back and liver and increases blood flow to the kidneys and baby.

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