Do this remedy if there are termites in the furniture

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Friends, termites often get into the old furniture of the house. If this problem occurs once in the house, understand that there will be a lot of damage. Wood termites carve and eat furniture.

Do this remedy if there are termites in the furniture

Once termites are in the house, they damage everything. It destroys especially wooden furniture. This problem can occur in any season.

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Termites are especially quick on doors and wooden furniture. Once a termite settles on something, it is destroyed.

Uday spoils the furniture from the inside and looks like a white worm. Apart from wood, termites also damage books. It thrives in places that are damp and dark.

If the house is infested with termites, you can use salt and get rid of this problem permanently.

Salt should be sprinkled on the wall to prevent termites. Apart from this, if there are termites on any furniture, sprinkling salt on it will kill the termites. Apart from sweet, it also avoids bitter aromas.

Karela juice should be sprinkled wherever the termites have been. If you sprinkle the juice of bitter gourd, you will get rid of termites within five days. This juice should be sprinkled regularly for five days.

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Apart from this, neem oil is also beneficial. Applying neem oil on the wood will eliminate the problem of termites. Boric acid or borax can also be used to remove it. Vinegar is also useful for that.

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To kill termites, add vinegar to lemon juice and spray all over where you suspect termites. If you spray in this way for two days, the termites will be eradicated and they will not enter the house again.

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