Never give these 4 item as a gift

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We give gifts to our family members on each little and enormous event. Everybody is glad to get a gift. It is additionally said in the sacred writings that one shouldn't go with basically nothing to the place of God, companion, master and girl. At the point when we go to these individuals' home, we ought to take gifts. From Vastu Shastra we can get data connected with what sort of gifts we ought to provide for our companions and family members and what sort of gifts we shouldn't give by any means. By and large, we give gifts as indicated by any event, yet as per Vastu Shastra, there are sure things which ought to never be given as gifts to anybody.

Never give these 4 item as a gift

These things adversely affect the relationship of both the individual giving the present and the individual getting the gift. For that reason it is prompted that we shouldn't give specific things as gifts by any means. We can purchase these things for ourselves. Vastu Shastra depends on negative and positive energies and both these fundamental energies affect our lives. So how about we figure out what are those things, which by giving, you are welcoming difficulty for yourself.

Gods picture or staut, god symbol

We individuals generally consider religion above all the other things and it is thought of as promising to gift icons, pictures or representative objects of the divine beings and goddesses related with every religion, except it is unfavorable to do as such according to Vastu Shastra perspective. As per Vastu science, in the event that there is a murti or image of God in the house, keeping every one of the guidelines from introducing it to dealing with it is basic. In the event that an individual doesn't do this, it influences him and his family adversely.

In the event that this thing is gotten as a gift, it likewise severely affects the individual giving the gift. For that reason it ought to be attempted that one ought to never give icons or pictures of gods to anybody as a gift. Something like this ought to be given as a gift provided that you feel that the other individual is equipped for dealing with it.


Giving or taking a hanky or involving somebody's cloth and saving it for oneself this multitude of circumstances have an adverse consequence. As per Vastu Shastra, on the off chance that a hanky is given as a gift, it impacts both the provider and collector.

Naver gift your business related item

Commonly individuals gift business related things to companions or even to their clients, however as per Vastu science, by doing this you are offering the success of your business to another person. To that end you ought to try not to do this.

Sharp objects

Sharp articles are considered to have adverse impact. Sharp items like blades or scissors at whatever point they emerge from Agni Tattva (Kitchen) adversely affect the specific spot and it is viewed as ominous to gift such articles. Giving gifts of blades, scissors or some other sharp items can prompt clash in the connection between the two individuals. For that reason such things ought to never be skilled to anybody.

Never give these 4 item as a gift

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