Old Hindi Movie List 1940 to 1990 YouTube Collection

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Hindi Cinema, often referred to as Bollywood and formerly Bombay Cinema, is the Indian Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai. The word is a portmanteau of "Bombay" and "Hollywood". The industry is closely related to the cinema of South India and other Indian film industries, which form Indian cinema the world's largest cinema by the number of feature films produced.

Old Hindi Movie List 1940 to 1990 YouTube Collection

In 2017, Indian cinema produced 1,986 feature films, with Bollywood being the largest filmmaker, producing 364 Hindi movies in the same year. Bollywood represents 43 percent of Indian net box-office revenue; Tamil and Telugu cinema represented 36 percent, and the remaining regional cinema represented 21 percent in 2014. Bollywood has overtaken the U.S. film industry to become the largest center of film production in the world.

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The most popular commercial genre in Bollywood since the 1970s has been masala films, which freely mix various genres including action, comedy, romance, drama and melodrama, along with musical numbers.

Masala films generally fall under the musical film genre, of which Indian cinema has been the largest producer since the 1960s, when it surpassed the total music output of the American film industry following a decline in musical films in the West; The first Indian musical talkie was Alam Ara (1931), several years after the first Hollywood musical talkie The Jazz Singer (1927). Along with commercial masala films, a distinctive style of art films, known as parallel cinema, also exists, in which realistic material is presented and musical numbers are avoided. In recent years, the distinction between commercial masala and parallel cinema is gradually blurring, with an increasing number of mainstream films adopting traditions that were once strictly tied to parallel cinema.

This article contains Classic Bollywood Movies that I know we all love. There is nothing like a classic movie to lift your spirits and keep you entertained, and these great movies represent the best that Bollywood has to offer.

Old Movie Hindi Collection : Click Here

Everyone likes to lose themselves in a rotating entertaining movie. I hope my selections will be the same as you remember when choosing the best of Bollywood.

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So let's sit down and talk about the best Classic Hindi Movie. In the list below, I write about films made in India that deserve high praise for their cinematic excellence. All the movies listed here are made between 1940 and 1990.

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