Millions of operations are done completely free in this hospital

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Many times due to financial constraints we cannot do anything even in major diseases. And people break down mentally. There are many institutions in our country which provide free treatment to the poor. It is given completely free to people who are in financial straits, but we want to tell you about a hospital in which absolutely everything is given for free.

Millions of operations are done completely free in this hospital

Today we are going to tell you about one such hospital in Gujarat, where every patient is treated free of cost. No fee is charged even if there is any serious illness. From minor operations to major operations are also done without charging a fee.

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The name of this hospital is Swami Ashkonanandaji Manavseva Trust. This hospital is located in Timbi village of Umrala taluka of Bhavnagar district. Which is adjacent to Ahmedabad Amreli Highway. Examination, sonography, x-ray, laboratory and any operation are done free of cost to the patients at the Ashmananandaji Hospital.

Apart from this, the food of those patients is also provided to their relatives. All of which features are completely free. It is said that Swami Ashkonanandaji had a dream to build a hospital for free treatment. and donated land to his disciple Manuben to build a hospital. Since then the construction of the hospital started.

In this hospital with advanced facilities, everything from OPD to sonography, X-ray and laboratory tests are also done here for free. All kinds of medicines are given free of cost. In big hospitals, operations costing lakhs of rupees are done, while treatment is done free of cost in this hospital.

All these treatments are provided free of charge for cystitis, fetal operation, thyroid, bowel operation, cataract, zamar-well operation. Apart from this, gynaec, dental physiotherapy, general surgery are also done free of cost. It has excellent facilities. This hospital is heaven for pregnant women.

700-800 patients are treated daily in this hospital free of charge. Talking about the hospital, this hospital was built with the sincere decision of a benevolent saint. A saint named Nirdoshanandji used to visit different ashrams in this area. Seeing the condition of the middle class people, he talked about building a free hospital. On this, many people donated and this hospital was built.

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Hospital address and mobile number

Swami Shree Ashkinanandaji Manavseva Hospital,
Village-Timbi, Ta-Umrala, Dist-Bhavnagar.
(02843) 242444, (02843) 242044, 8758234744

A saint was Shri Neerdoshananda Saraswati. who used to visit every ashram in this area. And while visiting, a desire was awakened to start such a service. So that even the poorest of the poor can save their lives by getting good treatment. And by his order the foundation of the hospital was laid. The hospital has been named after him Swami Shree Ashkananandaji Manavseva. Today the situation is such that 700 to 800 patients receive treatment in this hospital per day. After healing, they bless in return. This is really a great thing when the purpose of human service in this hospital is worthwhile.

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The estimated cost of building this hospital at that time in the year 2011 was 5-6 crores. 50-60 lakhs per month even now. The cost of running the hospital every month. But more than 40,000 operations have been done against him. Also approximately 7000 surgeries and approximately 7500 eye operations have also been done. Other minor operations are also different. And a total of more than 21 lakh people have been fed here.

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