World's largest ball pen in India 2022

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That being said, the pen is more powerful than the sword, so now you can see its true form. Acharya Makunuri Srinivasa, a resident of Hyderabad, has made such a pen. Which is much larger than everything except the sword. The pen, created in 2011, is considered by Guinness World Records to be the world's largest ball pen.

World's largest ball pen in India 2022

The interesting thing is that you don't consider the pen to be just a showpiece made for the record. It also has a refill and can run. A video of Penn has been shared by Guinness World Records. Acharya Srinivasan's team is seen lifting the world's largest ballpoint pen and drawing a smiley picture.

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The video of the world's largest ball pen has caused a stir on social media. The video shows many people carrying pens. The pen is also listed in the Guinness World Records.

the world's largest ball pen

The world is full of wonders. Along with this, there are many people who are trying to create something new and unique. One such unique pen i.e. ball pen video is rapidly going viral on social media. This is no ordinary ball pen, but it is a huge ball pen that will make anyone sweat for lifting alone. The ball pen also has a refill and can be used for writing. His name is also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The world's largest ball pen

As can be seen in the viral video, a large golden ball pen like a tree trunk has been erected by many people together. These people are trying to draw on paper with this pen. Even writing something. The ball pen is the largest ball pen in the world. This unique ballpoint pen has made its place in the Guinness World Records in terms of length and weight.

the world's largest ball pen

This unique ball pen is 18 feet long and weighs 37 kg

Let me tell you that in the year 2011, this pen was considered as the largest ball pen in the world by Guinness World Records. It weighs 37.23 kg and is 18 feet tall. The top of the pen is made of brass, which weighs 9 kg. Guinness World Records has shared a video of the ball pen on Instagram, which is going viral. The video has been viewed more than 8 lakh times so far. Also, this video has been liked by more than 76 thousand people.

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People give such a reaction

People were shocked to see the video shared on social media. One user wrote I thought it was a missile. At the same time some other users said, what if the ink of this pen ever starts to leak? Let me tell you that the previous largest ballpoint pen had a record of 4 feet 9 inches long, but this new pen is 18 feet long.

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