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Lions and lionesses have been camping in Lodhika panth, 30 km from Rajkot, for the last four days. Every day different villages of Lodhika are being searched. The video of a dog running to the king of the forest in a field at the seam of a village has recently gone viral on social media. Dalamatha is also seen running behind the dog with its tail up. The video also captures scenes where the lion is sweating.

rajkot lodhika dog lion viral video

Lion-lion sanctuary for 4 days in Lodhika panth, 30 km away from Rajkot.

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The lion also ran away in the open field

According to the details seen in the viral video, a dog is running after a barking lion in an open field in a village of Lodhika. The lion also slows down as he runs in the open field. Yet the dog does not leave his chase and is constantly running after Savage. The video was captured on mobile by locals and made viral on social media.

A lion was spotted in Sanganwa village on Saturday

The lion was spotted at Lodhika's Sanganwa village on Saturday night at Old Mangani village. The locals are digging up the entire diocese for sightseeing. The lion was spotted in Sanganwa village during the day.

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The arrival of the lion caused a commotion among the villagers

With the arrival of the lion, the villagers of Lodhika panth are seeing a commotion. Currently, farmers are afraid to go to the farm to harvest their summer crops. However local leaders have informed the forest department. The lion is constantly changing location. Due to unbearable heat and scarcity of water, lions from Gir are often seen in the surrounding villages, but it is also a surprise to reach Rajkot.

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Earlier, lions had come to Tramba village in Rajkot

Two years ago, after leaving the forest of Gir and staying in Chotila Panth for 61 days, two Pathda Singhs camped at Tramba near Rajkot. For 48 hours the two lions roamed around Kotdasangani and Tramba between Rajkot and Gondal. It was the first incident of a lion coming 21 km from Rajkot.

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