Just two drops is the easiest way to clean earwax!

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Friends, today in this article we will tell you about ears. Ear is a sensitive organ of our body. That is why there is a lot of trouble due to the dirt that accumulates inside the ear, so we will show you a solution for that by putting two drops of it in the ear, all the dirt will come out.

Just two drops is the easiest way to clean earwax!

Many people have the wrong habit of removing earwax with a safety pin or even with a cotton swab. Friends doing so is very dangerous. That's why safety pins or candles should not be worn in the ear.

In some places, people who remove earwax come and remove earwax, friends are very hurt by doing this. Friends, nature has put a viscous fluid in the ear, so that the dust and bacteria in the ear cannot get into the ear and the debris sticks.

Friends, if all this increases in the ear, deafness occurs in the ear and infection occurs. Friends, today we are going to show you a simple and easy remedy which will remove all the earwax with just two drops.

For this remedy, take mustard oil from the market and heat it and when it cools down, put two drops in the ear every day before going to sleep. After waking up in the morning, all the dirt will be removed with a stick to remove the dirt. And your ears will be clean

Friends, if you do this simple and accurate remedy once or twice a month, you will get relief from every problem related to ears. And this remedy is very simple and this remedy is very beneficial.

Apart from this, you can also use warm water to clean the dirt in the ear. For this, take a cup of warm water (the water should be as hot as you can bear) pour this water carefully into the ear and then take it out. This will make the pulp soft and come out easily.

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Many people also use hydrogen peroxide to clean earwax. But before using it, definitely consult a doctor. Use it only after this.

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