Pitta Dosha: How to remove body heat?

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Do you also have strong body odor? Or you get angry very quickly, then know that all these symptoms are pitta prakriti. People who are high in pitta dosha are considered pitta nature. In this article we are telling you in detail about its properties, symptoms and remedies to balance it.

Pitta Dosha: How to remove body heat?

What is pitta dosha? Know the diseases, symptoms and remedies caused by imbalanced pitta.

What is pitta dosha?

Pitta dosha is composed of two elements 'fire' and 'water'. It regulates the hormones and enzymes produced in our body. Things like body temperature, digestive fire etc are controlled by pitta. A balanced state of bile is essential for good health. Bile is mainly found in the stomach and small intestine of the body.

Such people suffer from stomach related problems like constipation, indigestion, acidity etc. As pitta dosha becomes imbalanced, digestion becomes weak and the food eaten is not digested properly. Pitta dosha causes loss of vigor and accumulation of kapha in the heart and lungs. In this article we are telling you about pitta dosha symptoms, nature, properties and ways to balance it.

Types of bile

Pittas are divided into five categories based on their habitats and different functions in the body.
Digestive bile
alfalfa bile
Inventor bile
Critic bile
split bile
The number of diseases caused by bile alone is estimated at 40.

Properties of bile

Glutinousness, heat, fluidity, acid and bitterness are the characteristics of bile. Bile causes digestion and heat and smells like raw meat. In niram dasha the bile juice is yellow in color with a bitter taste. While in Sama Dasha it is sour in taste and blue in color. The qualities found in any dosha have different effects on the body and the characteristics of nature manifest from it.

Symptoms of Pitta Prakriti

People with pitta prakriti have some special characteristics, on the basis of which they can be easily identified. If we talk about physical features, medium height of body, softness in muscles and bones, clear skin color and presence of moles and warts on it are symptoms of pitta prakriti. Apart from this, graying of hair, darkening of body parts like nails, eyes, soles of feet and palms are also symptoms of pitta nature.

People with pitta prakriti also have many characteristics in their nature. Quick temper, poor memory, inability to cope with difficulties and lack of sexual desire are their main symptoms. Such people are very negative and are more likely to suffer from mental illness.

Cause of increased bile

Galls are more likely to develop during early winter and youth. If you are of pitta nature then it is very important for you to know the reasons due to which pitta is increasing. Let's take a look at some of the important reasons.
Excessive consumption of salty, spicy and oily foods
Working hard, always stressed and angry
Excessive alcohol consumption
Not eating at the right time or being hungry
Having too much sex
Excessive consumption of sesame oil, mustard, curd, buttermilk, sour vinegar etc
Excessive consumption of beef, fish, mutton and goat meat
Pitta dosha increases due to all these reasons mentioned above. Youngsters with a bilious nature should especially take special care of themselves and should not consume these things.

Symptoms of increased bile

When pitta dosha increases in a person's body, many physical and mental symptoms appear. Following are some of the main symptoms of increased pitta dosha.
Extreme fatigue, lack of sleep
Intense burning sensation in the body, heat and profuse sweating
Skin color becomes darker than before
body odor
Hoarseness of mouth, throat etc
get very angry
Fainting and dizziness
Bitter and sour taste in mouth
Feels like eating very cold food
Yellowing of skin, urine, nails and eyes
If you notice two or three of the symptoms mentioned above, it means that pitta dosha is aggravated. In such a situation, go to the nearest doctor and get yourself treated.

Ways to pacify pitta

To balance increased pitta, first avoid the causes that increase pitta dosha. In addition to diet and lifestyle changes, gallstones can also be removed with the help of some medical procedures.

What to eat to balance pitta

By changing your diet, raised bile can be easily calmed down. Let's know what foods should be consumed in excess to avoid pitta flare-ups.
Ghee consumption is most important.
Consume cabbage, cucumber, carrot, potato, capsicum and green leafy vegetables.
Consume all types of legumes.
Consume aloe vera juice, sprouted grains, salads and oatmeal.

What should people with pitta prakriti not eat?

There are certain foods and drinks that increase pitta dosha. So people of pitta prakriti should not consume these things.
Avoid eating radish, black pepper and raw tomatoes.
Avoid sesame oil, mustard oil.
Avoid cashews, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts and unshelled nuts.
Avoid orange juice, tomato juice, coffee and alcohol.

Lifestyle changes

To reduce pitta dosha, it is necessary to make some changes not only in diet but also in lifestyle. like
Massage the body with cold oil.
Go swimming.
Walk in the shade for some time every day, avoid walking in the sun.
Take a regular bath with cold water.

Bile deficiency symptoms and treatment

It is common to have problems with excess bile, but did you know that deficiency of bile can also cause many physical problems. Deficiency of bile in the body causes problems like low body temperature, loss of gloss in the mouth and feeling cold. When deficient, the natural properties of bile also do not do their job properly. In such a situation, foods that increase bile should be consumed. Apart from this, one should consume food items and medicines which are high in fire element.

Sama and Niram Pitta

Some part of the food we eat is not digested properly and that part remains in the body instead of coming out in the form of faeces. This half-cooked portion of food is called “Aam Rasa” or “Aam Dosha” in Ayurveda.

When pitta thus mixes with dosha it is called sama pitta. Sama pitta is sour, foul-smelling, stagnant, heavy and green or black in color. When there is pitta there is sour belching and it causes burning in the chest and throat. Eat bitter tasting foods to get relief from it.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

When pitta thus does not mix with dosha it is called nirama pitta. Niram pitta is very hot, pungent, bitter in taste and reddish yellow in color. It increases the digestive power. Consume sweet and spicy foods to get relief from this.

People of pitta prakriti should follow the rules mentioned above to prevent growth of pitta. If the problem persists or is severe, consult an Ayurvedic doctor.

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