Add this 1 thing to the oil before frying the bhajiya

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Bhajiya is always our first choice. Be it rainy season or feel like eating with tea. Women make bhajis quickly, but many times the bhajis are filled with too much oil and the oil starts to spoil the taste of the bhajis.

Add this 1 thing to the oil before frying the bhajiya

Too much oil is harmful to health as oil can harm our health from weight gain to raising cholesterol. But if you want to fry bhajiya in less oil then you can follow masterchef Pankaj Bhadouria tips.

Masterchef Pankaj Bhadauria shares some unique hacks and tips related to cooking and kitchen on social media every day, which he named 'Pankaj's Nuske'. But today we are going to tell you some hacks, with the help of which you can fry fritters in less oil. Yes, today we are sharing Pankaj Bhadauria's cooking hacks for frying bhajiya with you, which may be useful for you.

1. Monitor oil temperature

Keep the temperature of the oil in mind while making the bhajis. Try that your oil is neither too hot nor too cold. Because if you fry the fritters in cold oil, the fritters will absorb more oil. Also, if you fry the fritters in too hot oil, your fritters will turn black on the outside but remain raw on the inside. So, while frying the fritters, keep the temperature of the oil moderate as this will make the fritters absorb less oil.

2. Check the oil temperature as follows

If you can't get the correct idea of ​​the oil temperature, you can follow the tip given by Pankaj Bhadauria. For this you will only need a stick, with the help of which you can check the temperature of the oil. To check this, after the oil is heated, you have to insert a stick into the oil. If bubbles come out of the oil after inserting the stick, then know that your oil is ready to fry the fritters.

3. Add salt to the oil and fry the fritters

This tip can be very useful for you. Yes, Pankaj Bhadauria says to add some salt to the oil whenever you fry bhajiya. Because by adding salt, the fritters will absorb less oil and will also fry well from inside. But don't add too much salt to the oil because too much salt will not only burn you but also make your bhaji salty.

4. Addition of rice flour to gram flour reduces oiliness

Chickpea flour made for bhajiya absorbs more oil. So it is always good to add some rice flour in it. Just keep in mind that the amount of rice flour should be one-fourth of gram flour. Otherwise the fritters may spoil.

This method is also useful

When you prepare gram flour paste for bhajiya, add half teaspoon of oil. By doing this, when you put it in the pan to fry, it will absorb less oil.

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After frying the bhajiya, always drain it on some absorbent paper or a tissue paper, as this will drain the excess oil from the bhajiya into the paper and you can enjoy bhajiya with less oil. But remember, we should never remove fritters on the newspaper, because the ink of the newspaper is very harmful to the body and by putting the fritters in it, the ink goes into it. So these simple tips to make these bhajiyas will be very useful for you.

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