Where should we complain if we find a worm in our food?

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In the interest of public health, Dr. H.G. Koshia, State Food Safety Commissioner, Food and Drug Regulatory System, gave information about vigilance towards organisms found in prepared food items. In which Dr. H.G. Koshia said that the state government is continuously committed to provide pure, safe and quality food items to the citizens of the state.

Where should we complain if we find a worm in our food?

Dr. H.G. Koshia said that nowadays news is being published in newspapers that cockroaches, frogs, rats and other insects are found in food items / prepared food. So let us tell you that due to the current summer season, the infestation of insects increases significantly. Due to this, the possibility of such incidents increases if the food items are not maintained properly in the kitchens of hotels-restaurants-rooftops or the raw materials used in making them are not cleaned or stored properly.

The primary responsibility of the food manufacturing company is to ensure that there are no insects in the food.

For this, through this system, inspection is done in hotels-restaurants-dhabas for compliance with the hygiene provisions under Schedule-IV of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 and Food Safety and Standards Regulation, 2011 and notices are issued for necessary improvement. In case of non-compliance of the instructions of this notice, the license/registration of the firm will be cancelled in public interest and the firm will be closed under Section-56 of the Food Safety Act. A provision of a fine of one lakh has been made in the law.

The primary responsibility of preparing and serving food lies with those traders who run hotels-restaurants-dhabas-canteens to prevent insects from entering the prepared food. For which they should keep the kitchen clean, cover the windows and exhaust fans with nets, cover the doors to prevent insects from entering, place fly catchers at appropriate places, cover the drainage system, get pest control done from time to time from the authorized agency. Special care should be taken to keep its record etc.

Insist that customers check the cleanliness of the kitchen

Customers should insist on checking the cleanliness of the hotel-restaurant-terrace kitchen before eating. Through this system, under the Hygiene Rating Scheme, hotels-restaurants-terraces have been trained and audited by third parties regarding hygiene.

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You can complain here

If a customer finds insects in the food served, they can complain to the Corporation/District Food Department Office. Apart from this, State Level Food Safety Helpdesk Toll Free Number: 18002335500, 14435 and Mobile Number 9099013116, 9099012166 or Helpdesk E-mail complaints can be lodged at helpdesk.fdca@gmail.com.

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