Put this one thing on the navel

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Navel is called belly button in English. And it is round in shape in the middle of our stomach. A baby is attached to its mother's womb only by the umbilical cord. And with the help of it only it gets food and oxygen. Thus navel is very important part of our body.

Put this one thing on the navel

Put this one thing on the navel, constipation, cold-cough, joint pain will not happen for life.

Benefits of applying ghee on the navel

Just applying ghee on the navel provides relief from skin related problems such as hair loss, joint pain etc. If ghee is applied regularly on the navel located on our stomach, many types of problems can be relieved. In fact, the navel has more than 70 thousand blood vessels which are connected to the blood arteries of our body. Hence applying ghee on the navel is very beneficial.


If the navel is massaged with ghee, it has a great effect on our skin. And the skin remains moist. Apart from this, the face also gets glowing. Shine also comes.

Falling hair

If desi ghee is applied on the navel before sleeping at night, it has a good effect on the hair and the hair becomes strong. Also, hair loss is also reduced.

Knee pain

If you have a knee pain problem, warm some desi ghee and apply it on the navel. By doing this, the tannin has a direct effect on the joint pain. And also relieves pain.

Chapped lips

Applying ghee to the navel softens chapped lips. People who have chapped lips in winter should just massage the navel with ghee at night. By morning the lips will be quite soft.


When you have constipation problem, you just massage the navel and around the abdomen with ghee a few times. This massage will improve digestion. And the problem of constipation will disappear.

Cold fever

If desi ghee is applied on the navel in case of cold and fever, the cold and fever will go away immediately. If you wish, you can also apply alcohol instead of ghee to relieve fever.

Vibration problem

As people age, tremors start in their bodies. Due to which old people have many problems. For this, if massaged with desi ghee around the navel, this problem can be eliminated.


If women apply ghee on their navel during menstruation pain, they get a lot of relief from the pain.


Many people have very dry eyes. Due to which it causes eye irritation. But if desi ghee is heated and applied on the navel, this problem can be removed. It also affects the eyesight.

Acne and Blemishes

Many people suffer from acne and blemishes. Due to which the beauty of the face disappears. They use many creams to get rid of this problem. But there is no relief. But if ghee is applied on the navel before sleeping at night, it has a quick effect on acne and blemishes. And it soon disappears.

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