Gujarati Kids Learning App 2024

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Gujarati Kids Learning App is the best medium to make your children study for free at home. Sometimes it can be hard to keep kids busy, especially when school is out. Many times children are bored with studies. At such times, Gujarati Kids Learning App will provide them knowledge with fun. That's why you usually help your kids study by playing games on mobile or tablet when they are bored.

Gujarati Kids Learning App 2024

Gujarati Kids Learning App is a package that helps your kids visually improve their nursery knowledge of various important basics in Gujarati language about their school curriculum or subjects. This app contains various categories like English and Gujarati alphabets, puzzles, fruits, vegetables, animals, colors, shapes, flowers, numbers, birds, months, days of the week, transportation, directions, body parts, sports, festivals, countries and much more. is Which will help children to learn and remember while playing.

Gujarati Kids App Complete Information

App Name: Gujarati Kids Learning App
Language: Gujarati
Use: To gain knowledge
Purpose: Children have fun with knowledge

What to find in Gujarati Kids Learning App?

This app provides Gujarati Alphabets, English Alphabets, Gujarati Months, English Months, Days of the Week in Gujarati, Gujarati Alphabets, Gujarati Numbers, Shapes and Color Names in Gujarati, Birds, Animals, Direction Names in different sections of games for kids. The knowledge of which children will get easily while playing.

How to download the app

You can easily find this app on play store. The name of this app is 'Gujarati Kids Learning App' or "Harvard English Dictionary app". After downloading it you will get the option to play the game. And if you click on it then within few minutes this app will present you all the stages of the game in your mobile.

Features of Gujarati Kids Learning App

Gujarati alphabets
English alphabet
Indian month
English month
shapes and colors
letters and numbers
Talking alphabet
Educational puzzle
Names of human body parts
Names of animals and birds
Names of fruits and vegetables
Names of businessmen
Names of flowers and vehicles
Child learns real Gujarati words
Helping parents teach their children
Training to increase memory etc.

Gujarati Kids Learning App Download: Click Here

Harvard English Dictionary App Download: Click Here

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