Best Gujarati Kids Learning App

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Gujarati Kids Learning App: Gujarati Kids Learning App is the best medium to make your kids study at home for free. Sometimes it can be hard to keep kids busy, especially when school is out. Many times children are bored with studies. At such times, Gujarati Kids Learning App will provide them knowledge with fun. That's why you usually help your kids study by playing games on mobile or tablet when they are bored.

Best Gujarati Kids Learning App

Gujarati Kids Learning App

Gujarati Kids Learning App is a package that helps your kids visually improve their nursery knowledge of various important basics in Gujarati language about their school curriculum or subjects.

This app contains various categories like English and Gujarati alphabets, puzzles, fruits, vegetables, animals, colors, shapes, flowers, numbers, birds, months, days of the week, transportation, directions, body parts, sports, festivals, countries and much more. is Which will help children to learn and remember while playing.

TOP 4 Gujarati Kids Learning App

1. Gujarati Kids Learning App
2. Kids All in One Gujarati
3. Pehlu Paglu: Gujarati Std 1-10
4. Gujarati Kids Learning

Gujarati Kids App Complete Information

App Name Gujarati Kids Learning App

Language Gujarati

To acquire applied knowledge

The aim is for children to have fun with knowledge

What to find in Gujarati Kids Learning App?

This app provides Gujarati Alphabets, English Alphabets, Gujarati Months, English Months, Days of the Week in Gujarati, Gujarati Alphabets, Gujarati Numbers, Shapes and Color Names in Gujarati, Birds, Animals, Direction Names in different sections of games for kids. The knowledge of which children will get easily while playing.

Features of Gujarati Kids Learning App

Textbooks for Standards 1 to 12

Primary, Secondary, and Higher Secondary Curriculum


GSEB Exam Schedule (Time Table) and Rules

MCQ for STDs 5 to 12

Exercise Solution.

Swadhyay Solution

Dhoran 1–10 MCQs are provided as per the curriculum.

Standard 1 to 10 Old Question Paper

Essay Section

Dhoran 1 to 10 Gujarati, Ganit (Maths), Vidgyan (Science), all subject videos

Standard 1 to 10 Material Design

Gujarat Board Textbook in Gujarati

Dhoran 1 to 10 Videos for Audio-Visual Learning

Std. 10, all subject books in Gujarati

Std. 12, all subject books in Gujarati

Standard 10 MCQs in Gujarati

Std. 12 MCQs in Gujarati

Textbooks are available for all major subjects, like those below.



Biology and Practical

Physics and practical

Chemistry and practical

The following books are also provided:

Gujarati, Hindi, English, Maths, Sanskrit, Social Science, and Science, as well as others such as Sangeet, Yoga, Computer, Tabla, Jiv Vigyan (Biology), Bhautik Shastra (Physics), Rasayan Shastra (Chemistry), Rajyashastra, etc.

Material for 11th and 12th grades in arts, commerce, and science is also provided.

This Gujarati-medium study app helps you achieve success.

This app is currently only available for Gujarati-medium students.

Dhoran1, Dhoran2, Dhoran3, Dhoran4, Dhoran5, Dhoran6, Dhoran7, Dhoran8, Dhoran9, and Dhoran10 books Std1, std2, std3, std4, std5, std6, std7, std8, std9, std10 videos and questionanswers

Gujarati Education is the best learning app for Gujarati Education app.Swadhyay pothi video. Swadhaypothi material. Standard 1 to 10 Swadhaypothi explanation is the best Gujarati learning app.

English alphabet, ABC, akda, animal name, pakshinam, student learning features

Various categories are included in the app, such as English and Gujarati alphabets, puzzles, fruits, vegetables, animals, colours, shapes, flowers, numbers, birds, months, weekdays, transportation, directions, body parts, sports, festivals, countries, and many more. The All in One Gujarati App has just transformed learning from the classroom to the home.

Helping parents teach their children

Training to improve memory etc…

How to download the app : Best Gujarati Kids Learning App

You can easily find this app on play store. The name of this app is 'Gujarati Kids Learning App' or "Harvard English Dictionary app". After downloading it you will get the option to play the game. And if you click on it then within few minutes this app will present you all the stages of the game in your mobile.

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