The planes tire blew out after takeoff, 235 passengers!

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United Airlines flight loses tire after take-off: A United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Japan had to make an emergency landing in Los Angeles. The incident happened due to the plane's tire bursting during take-off, due to which the lives of 235 passengers and 14 crew members on board the plane were stuck. The video of the plane is going viral on social media

The planes tire blew out after takeoff, 235 passengers!

How did the incident happen?

As the flight took off, one of the 6 tires attached to the left main landing gear assembly came off shortly after takeoff. A video of the plane is going viral on social media, in which the tires can be seen falling seconds after take-off.

A major accident was averted when the employee fell in the parking lot

The planes tire blew out after takeoff, 235 passengers!

The tire landed in the employee parking lot of San Francisco International after disembarking from the plane. The rear window of the car was broken when the tire fell on the car. After this the tire broke a wall and stopped a short distance away. No one is reported to have been injured in this incident. A United Airlines flight had to land shortly after the incident. In a statement issued by the airline regarding this incident, it has been said that this plane, built in the year 2002, has been designed in such a way that a safe landing can be made even if the tire bursts or deteriorates.

The planes tire blew out after takeoff, 235 passengers!

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