A robot serves people ice dish in Ahmedabad - watch video

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Robot assistance is now commonplace in restaurants, with many cafes and restaurants around the world using robots to serve food, clean tables and prepare food. After robot restaurants became famous in cities like Noida, Chennai, Coimbatore and Bengaluru, now a street cafe in Ahmedabad is in the news.

A robot serves people ice dish in Ahmedabad - watch video

In Ahmedabad, a robot is feeding customers an ice ball, watching and eating long lines of customers - watch the video

This cafe is using robot waiters to serve ice balls to its customers. In the video, a stall called Robotic Cafe is seen using a robot to serve ice balls to customers. This is said to be the first experience of its kind in Ahmedabad. People are very fond of robots.

His video has also gone viral on social media. This video has been shared by food vlogger Karthik Maheshwari. The caption reads, Robot serves ice balls. First time in Ahmedabad. After this, the price of the ball was stated to be Rs 40. The caption says it's completely clean and fully automated.

These snow globes are also different from the rest. Chocolate syrup is mixed with milk, then put into a machine, which turns the liquid form into a solid. Then after freezing, which comes out of the machine, it is decorated with chocolate syrup and cherries and dry fruits.

This is said to be the most unique cafe in Ahmedabad. People are liking this video a lot and are also giving their reactions by commenting.

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