India's longest bridge built on the sea: Atal Setu Mumbai to Navi Mumbai Toll Price

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The country's longest and modern sea bridge is almost complete. It will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi on January 12. This country's largest sea bridge connecting Mumbai to Navi Mumbai is 22 km long. With its help, more than 1 hour of travel time from South Mumbai to Navi Mumbai will be saved. Let us know what will be special in it.

atal setu bridge full detail

Atal Setu Every vehicle passing through Atal Setu will save about Rs 700 in fuel. Special care was taken of the environment while building this bridge. Also, the bridge is equipped with 400 CCTV cameras with artificial intelligence. Which is very important from security point of view. If any vehicle breaks down or gets stuck on the bridge or anything suspicious is seen, these cameras will immediately inform the control room.

The world's largest cargo ship can pass

The biggest feature of this bridge is that even the world's largest cargo ship can pass under it. The full name of this bridge is Atal Bihari Vajpayee Shivdi Navasheva Atal Setu. This bridge, built at a cost of Rs 20 thousand crores, has many features. After its inauguration, the journey from Mumbai to Navi Mumbai will become much easier. It will take only 20 to 25 minutes to reach Navi Mumbai from South Mumbai, which currently takes around two hours. The opening of this bridge will also bring economic development in the areas related to it. The sea bridge will connect the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, the Mumbai-Goa Highway and the proposed international airport at Navi Mumbai.

How much will be the toll on Atal Setu MTHL?

This bridge connects two major cities of the state. This is a six lane bridge. The 16.5 kilometer long portion of the bridge is built over the sea. Whereas about 5.5 km is present on land. A toll of Rs 250 per side will be charged on the country's longest Atal Bridge. The government believes that this will save both money and time of the people.

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