3 Ways to Avoid Scams at Petrol Pumps

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Friends almost many people get cheated while filling petrol diesel in the car at the petrol pump. Sometimes petrol diesel gets less than the indicated quantity, sometimes there is some manipulation of money. Some of us must have been a victim of fraud on filling petrol diesel in our car, scooter or bike from time to time. It is very important to be careful. Today we will tell you some tricks so that you can avoid falling prey to this kind of fraud.

3 Ways to Avoid Scams at Petrol Pumps

Adopt 3 ways to avoid fraud at the petrol pump, no matter how much petrol you fill, even a single rupee fraud will not happen. Learn the easy way

Meter being at zero

While buying petrol or diesel, keep in mind whether the fuel filling pump attendant is zeroing the machine after filling the previous customer's vehicle. If the employee is not doing so, immediately confront him and ask him to do so. Apart from that, stand near the meter and monitor every activity of the salesperson.

Never forget to take a receipt

It is necessary to display the price of petrol and diesel at the petrol pump. So the customer is aware of the latest price of the fuel. It does not allow dealers to overcharge for fuel sold. Whenever you buy fuel, match the price charged by the dealer with the price seen on the display. Apart from that don't forget to take cash memo for fuel purchased by you.

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Check for adulteration in this way

There is also a problem of adulterated petrol diesel at some petrol pumps. Such low quality fuel can also damage your vehicle's engine. You can see this with the filter paper test. By putting a few drops of petrol on the paper, one can know whether it is up to the mark or adulterated. If the petrol is pure, this will evaporate without leaving any stain. If this is mixed, the petrol drops will leave some stains on the paper.

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